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“Liquid sunshine” is what they call rain in Florida, and rain it does. Sometimes it’s just a little afternoon shower, or it may be a downpour from a tropical storm, as it was on Saturday when we visited LEGOLAND Florida. We’ve been caught in many a rainstorm in Florida over the years. So what do you do when it rains during your visit to LEGOLAND? Here are our tips:

1.┬áKeep Dry. So it may seem obvious that you should attempt to keep dry when it’s raining, but you’d be surprised at how many people I saw on Saturday at LEGOLAND Florida walking around without an umbrella or poncho. Don’t suffer in the rain if you’re uncomfortable, or ask your kids to. Come prepared with basic umbrellas and ponchos, which you can get at the dollar store or even the Walgreen’s right on the way into LEGOLAND Florida ($5 for a decent, basic umbrella). If you didn’t come prepared, you can purchase LEGOLAND umbrellas and ponchos in virtually all of the park’s shops. We brought simple umbrellas and were quite comfortable, actually. If you aren’t sure if you should get a poncho or umbrella, I recommend the umbrella. On the other hand, a poncho is useful if you plan to sit in the splash zones at shows or go on the Wave Racers.

2. Check Your Show Schedule. Two of the shows are ideal for waiting out, or surviving, the rain at LEGOLAND Florida. The Pirate’s Cove Live Water Ski Show is a covered amphitheater — there are usually several shows a day. The Wells Fargo Fun Town 4D Theater is completely indoors and climate controlled — on our visit there were three different 3D animated movies playing throughout the day.

3. Head Indoors. Imagination Zone hosts several indoor attractions — LEGO MINDSTORMS, Build & Test, and Hero Factory — that any LEGO-obsessed kid could spent a fair amount of time. On my visit, there were also chairs for weary parents to sit in for a spell while the kids played, though honestly I think it’s more fun to play! If you have younger kids, DUPLO Farm over in DUPLO Village is also covered and a fun place to little ones to explore and burn off energy. Everyone will enjoy the LEGO Factory Tour in FUN TOWN, which is also indoors and climate-controlled. Other indoor or covered attractions include Pharoah’s Revenge (Land of Adventure), Merlin’s Challenge (LEGO Kingdoms), and the Conservatory.

Water Cannon Fun at Pirate's Cove in LEGOLAND Florida

4. Get Wet. If it’s raining, why not just get wetter? The Wave Racers attraction in LEGO Technic is a fast spin in a little water lagoon, and you’re likely to get wet even on a sunny, dry day. Or go to Pirate’s Cove and sit in one of the first few rows! In fact, head to Pirate’s Cove a bit early to get a shot at sitting in front of a water cannon, then you can hose down the show performers and get them wet, too!

5. Have a Bite. Many of LEGOLAND Florida’s eateries are indoor or covered. Granny’s Apple Fries, for example, has a great covered porch where you can enjoy your fries and stay out of the rain. Fun Town Pasta & Pizza Buffet, Market Restaurant, Capt. Brickbeard’s Burgers, and Lakeside Sandwich Co. are all indoors, too. If everyone else has the same idea to eat during the rain, the Lakeside Sandwich Co. is a bit off the beaten track and has fewer crowds.

Staying Dry in the LEGO Studios Shop

6. Go Shopping. Most shopping is indoors, so this is probably an obvious idea. If you decide to purchase something and don’t want to carry it around in the rain all day, you can request package pickup — this allows you to pick up your purchase on your way out of the park at the end of the day. In the LEGO Studios shop, there are even theater-style seats and a large, flat-screen TV showing LEGO shows and shorts!

7. Be Patient. If it gets really rainy and/or windy, it isn’t unlikely for an attraction to close … and it may even happen while you’re waiting in a queue for it. The attractions close for safety — your safety. If this happens, take a deep breath and go hit up an attraction that isn’t likely to close for inclement weather, like one of the indoor attractions noted above.

8. Smile and Relax. Rain does not need to ruin your day — your attitude dictates how your day will go. Embrace the rain, and you may find you have a better experience than you might have in the sun.

9. Take a Walk in the Garden. The Cypress Gardens section — a remnant of what existed when LEGOLAND Florida was known as Cypress Gardens — is a serene, tree-canopied area devoid of crowds. It’s a peaceful place to walk and get away from the damp masses. You may not even mind getting wet here. The sound of the rain on the trees above you is quite delightful.

10. Pat Yourself On the Back. If you’re able to stick out the rain, queues will be shorter than they would have been without the rain. You can still have a great time in the rain, and you won’t have to worry about sunburns!

If all else fails and you want to come back on a drier day, stop by LEGOLAND Guest Services to upgrade your one-day ticket to a two-day ticket for $15 to visit a second time within 9 days of your first visit.

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