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Having looked at the latest merchandise from Disney Vacation Club, and having heard from quite a few of you about what you thought of that (and thanks for all the comments, they’ve been great to read), I thought maybe it was time to look at what I’d like to see….

First off, I’m not a million miles away from what’s already been produced, but first I want to pick up on something Stephanie Evans told us in response to my original merchandise blog. She said: “The tee shirts, unfortunately, are the cheaper ones Disney gets, guaranteed to shrink and twist. I don’t understand why some of their shirts are good Hanes preshrunk cotton and some are that cheap 100% cotton that isn’t preshrunk that ends up toddler size.”

Well, here’s my first request off the back of that. Please, please, please steer away from the cheap material that barely makes it through a few washes, and go back to the lovely, admittedly more expensive, cloth that you used to use for your T-shirts. It may not mean so many sales, but trust me, it’ll mean more happy customers. 😉

Don’t just restrict yourself to T-shirts for the individual resorts. I want to see a lot more of the resort merchandise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to wear my colors on my sleeve, and declare I’m a Disney Vacation Club member, but at the end of the day, I bought into a resort. To me, it’s the beloved Beach Club Villas, although the Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas do come a close second, even if we have no points there. So that’s what I want to show off.

Some of the great Beach Club merchandise Disney used to sell....

If I tell you that some of my favorite Disney items ever are my Beach Club hat, and hoodie. I’ve had both years, probably about a decade now, and I look every time we’re at the Beach Club for replacements, just in case the worst should happen… I never find anything. I ask every time we’re there, so much so that I think the Cast Members see me coming, and run and hide…

Not only is there little Beach Club merchandise, but as for the Beach Club Villas, there’s even less. We can’t be the only ones who loves their home resort, and surely there’s got to be a market out there?

While we’re on the subject of resort specific merchandise, can we have some fridge magnets as well, as I’ve still got a few gaps on my fridge that need filling up…

Ok, you’re getting the idea here. Resort specific stuff is good, very good. However, if we’re just talking Disney Vacation Club merchandise, then something I would dearly love to see is a good book all about the DVC. Now, I’m not talking about my own, PassPorter’s Disney Vacation Club for Members and Members-to—Be, although heck, it’s a good read, even if I do say so myself. No, I’m talking about a coffee table style book, at least A4 size, a hardback, that looks at what the Disney Vacation Club has achieved over its first 20 years.

Maybe add a Disney Vacation Club book to those already out?

Before you roll your eyes and say “that’ll never take off”, there’s a reason I suggest this. We got “20 years under the sun”, which is a fascinating read, and exactly the type of book I’m describing, perfect for any coffee table. It takes a look at the first two decades of Cirque du Soleil, and how it evolved, and enlarged. Even though I’m quite a fan of Cirque, I learnt a huge amount from it, and have a wonderful souvenir of something I’m very fond of. Now why wouldn’t that work for the Disney Vacation Club as well?

I’m also looking for things that are easy to transport, like many people I’m sure. How much room do you honestly have in your hand luggage for things like mugs? If you’re anything like me, not much. I don’t want to risk fragile things in my suitcase being thrown around in the hold, so give me things I can easily get home. Pins are great for that, perhaps also mousemats, they’re easy to get home as well. And let’s be honest, much as I love them, if cuddly toys get a little crushed in a case, it’s only their ego that’s bruised… well, that’s what I tell myself anyway! How about a Disney Vacation Club Duffy bear?

Ok, so perhaps I’m dreaming here somewhat, but one thing I do certainly want to see with the Disney Vacation Club merchandise one day in the future is the ability to order it online, with reasonable shipping fees to the UK of course! In all seriousness, why not? Nearly everything else is now available online, so why not our member merchandise?

Now it’s over to you. What do you want to see being created in the future? Would you buy anything that I’ve suggested, or am I totally off the mark?


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5 thoughts on “So how do you want to show you’re a Disney Vacation Club member?

  • Minou

    One idea I would have on the resort specific merchandise is the shop at DTD that custom-makes shirts (and I believe they are the good Hanes ones too!) If they could have graphics from each of the resorts/DVC then someone could go in and custom make a shirt with the characters and colors they prefer. That seems like a pretty easy solution to part of the problem.

  • Maxine Schoenholtz

    We’ve been DVC members since 2009. Despite not buying there, our first stay was at Old Key West Resort. The very first thing I bought turned out to be the best – a light-brown straw hat (boater style, I think) with a fabric band around the base of the crown with the DVC logo. It also has a light-brown cotton band around the INSIDE of the crown to absorb sweat. The straw is lightweight on my head but the brim is just wide enough to shade my face and sometimes my shoulders too. I don’t like ball caps, they make my hair poof out on the sides like Bozo the Clown. The straw hat is great but I don’t know what I’m going to replace it with, it won’t last forever.

    • Cheryl Pendry Post author

      It sounds wonderful, especially that cotton band to absorb sweat – now there’s a great idea for dealing with Florida in the summer!

  • Lori

    I agree with everything you have said. I want resort specific “stuff”. All kinds of “stuff”. I personally am a HUGE fan of mugs. We keep our carry ons mostly empty to bring home any fragile items we buy at WDW. Wrap it up in a nice think WDW facecloth and it safely travels home. (I miss the resport specific refillable drink mugs. Haven’t bought one since they went homogenized.) Anyway … I would also love to see full zip hoodies. The fleece are nice. We both have a DVC member fleece. We just came home from a stay at Bay Lake Tower, they had some nice DVC items, but nothing Bay Lake Tower.
    Although the Beach Club is not my home resort, it is my favorite of all the Disney properties. They had a few nice resprt specific items when we visited last week.