Starbucks is Going to Disney World! 3

I think I just found another great reason to get to the parks a little earlier! Starbucks is coming to Disney! *happy dance*

Disney announced a few weeks ago that they are partnering with the coffee company to bring several locations to Disney parks around the country, including, of course, our beloved Walt Disney World.

Would You Like Caf or Decaf?

Starbucks will be opening the first of its six planned locations beginning with Disney California Adventure this June. (The remaining locations — in Disneyland and in each of the four Florida parks — will open later on; however, no definitive date was specified as of the announcement.) Each café will be “designed to fit the theme of their surroundings;” i.e. the cafés will incorporate themselves into the Disney atmosphere as opposed to looking like a Starbucks was just dropped in the middle of one of the theme parks. 😀

Should be interesting to see how the final designs will look since most franchise Starbucks locations are very apparent in appearance of the coffee brand, but, if anyone can create a seamless design transition, it’s definitely Disney!

Is That for Here or To Go?

Another enticing feature of these locations is that they are also going to serve edible treats, including breakfast sandwiches and pastries, as well as “Disney favorites [like] signature sandwiches. . .delicious desserts and sweet treats” throughout the day. This seems like a promising new spot for grabbing a snack and/or a little pick-me-up while taking a break from the crowds or the weather.

Are you happy about Starbucks coming to the Disney parks?

I know I am, and I just hope that they’re open in time for our trip later this year!

“Yes, I’ll have a Grande White Chocolate Mocha…”

So, until next time…

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3 thoughts on “Starbucks is Going to Disney World!

  • deedeemks

    Yay!! Now my husband can stop asking me where the nearest Starbucks is when we are visiting a Disney Park!! Can’t wait to see what the designs of the Starbucks will look like.

  • Willie

    Woo hooo! I can have my venti no-sugar-added vanilla latte! If it’s not too hot outside. 🙂 Guess it’s time to start experimenting with iced coffees. LOL

  • Angela

    I’m 100% someone that needs a cup of coffee in the mornings to function, and admittedly the Disney Nescafe insta-stuff they have always had in the parks is barely drinkable, but…Why don’t they just serve better coffee & more options in the parks rather than bringing a major corporation that reminds us (me anyway) of my daily morning commute to work. Disney World is magical because you temporarily forget that the “real world” exists. That being said, I’m sure they’ll be beautifully themed.