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As you’re no doubt aware, Disney ticket prices have recently gone through their annual increase, but there was good, and bad news for Disney Vacation Club Members.

Perhaps one of the better perks that Members enjoy is the discount on a Walt Disney World Annual Pass. I still remember being delighted when it was first announced, immediately realising how much it would save us, as we usually spend at least 10 days a year, and preferably more if we can, at the resort.

The Premium Annual Pass adds in water park admission

For as long as I can remember, the discount on an adult Annual Pass has been $100, with $125 off the adult price of a Premium Annual Pass, which adds in admission to DisneyQuest at Downtown Disney, both water parks, and general admission to Disney’s Wide World of Sport.

As usual, there wasn’t much notice of the ticket prices increasing, and I wasn’t around to take advantage of buying them at the lower price, so when I discovered that an adult Annual Pass had gone up by $55, I groaned, not having yet purchased ours. Just as I was about to start calculating this increase into the cost of our December vacation, I discovered that for Disney Vacation Club Members, there was at least good news. The saving on these passes had been raised from $100 to $149, effectively meaning adults only pay a few bucks more after the price rise.

That’s great news for us, as we don’t have children, but for families, the news wasn’t quite so great. The discount for Members remained the same as it did previously, despite these prices going up as well.

Children now pay the same as adults to play in the parks at Walt Disney World

With Disney Vacation Club discounts, Annual Passes for both adults, and children are now $425 plus tax, while the Premium Annual Pass is $559 for anyone aged three or over. That’s the same price as adult Annual Passes. However, this is in line with all Annual Pass prices, with those available to the general public following exactly the same pattern.

Essentially, everyone is now going to be paying the same amount of money for a price, once you’re over the age of three, regardless of whether you’re an adult or a child. Is this fair? Perhaps not, but that’s the way Disney have decided to go….

On the other side of the States, there was no protection for any Disney Vacation Club Member from the increase to the price of Disneyland tickets. Members don’t fare particularly well with perks on Disneyland tickets, and never have done. The only discount available at present is $20 off the price of new Deluxe, or Premium Annual Passports, not really any use if you’re only heading out there for a few days.

The changes at the California Adventure, including the addition of World of Color, mean admission prices have seen a steep rise

The price increases at Disneyland were also more eye watering, perhaps not surprisingly, given the massive investment that’s been made in the California Adventure. That’s culminated in the newly opens Cars Land, which will no doubt draw the crowds, but over the last couple of years, there have also been improvements to much of the rest of the park, with upgrades to existing attractions, along with completely new ones, like the Little Mermaid.

Of course, Disney needs to recoup that money, and part of that’s going to come through increased ticket prices. The Premium Annual Pass, which Disney Vacation Club Members get their $20 discount off, rose from $499 to $649 – an extra $150. This gives you access to the park year round with no blackout dates.  Even the Deluxe Annual Passport, which gives you 315 days access to the parks, is up almost $100 from $379 to $469. Somehow the Member discount isn’t going to help much on purchasing either of these….

I’m just relieved we won’t be paying anymore for our adult Annual Passes at Walt Disney World for our next trip, although that relief is offset by the fact that we’ll also be visiting Disneyland. Ouch, those increases are going to hurt!

So what did you think about the latest price increases and what it means for Disney Vacation Club Members? Over to you….

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8 thoughts on “Increasing ticket prices and what they mean for Disney Vacation Club Members

  • MindyW

    I am wondering what the increase for the DVC renewal AP will be. We had previously paid even less for our DVC renewal, than we would have for a freshly bought DVC Annual Pass. I was already facing an increase when it comes to our next renewal cycle because my daughter turns 10 this summer.

    • Cheryl Pendry Post author

      The renewal price for DVC members is $385, a $40 discount. Previously, you got a $45 discount, which took it down to $374, so there’s a small increase for renewals.

  • Charleen Orzechowski

    Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of planning outside the Disney Parks. European vacations through DVC are looking better and better!

  • Max S

    I am wondering what the cost is per adult (DVC member) as compared to the FL Resident annual pass. And how about if a DVC member is also a FL Resident? (We also have no young children; our eldest daughter, not a FL resident btw, just got married and is “promising” grandchildren in 3 years LOL; of course we will be wanting to take them to see the World, never having the chance to take our own kids when they were little :)!)

    • Cheryl Pendry Post author

      I just checked it out and the price for Florida residents and DVC members is exactly the same, so it doesn’t matter which way you do it, you’ll pay the same rate.

  • Shawn S

    Not sure if there is a DVC discount on it (Didn’t see it listed on the dvc member site), but have you considered the Disney Premier Passport? List price is $849 for ages 3+ and gives you unlimited to the 4 main WDW parks, both FL water parks, DisneyQuest, ESPN WWoS, Oak Trail Golf green fees, Disneyland, and Disney’s California Adventure.

  • Fred Transue

    As long as Disney continues to provide us with the great entertainment that we are receiving currently,I’m willing to pay my share of the expense that it cost to keep it at that high level of entertainment,other cos have tried to provide cut rate entertainment and we,the public,won’t except that level of entertainment.My congrats to Disney for a product that is worth the cost.

  • Edward B.

    We have been to WDW over 50 times in the last 40 years. We love the place. We are DVC members, however, the costs associated with a family vacation today with transporation, park tickets, food and lodging annual fees is at the point that we can no longer afford two five night trips a year. We are now at one five night trip a year. If the prices continue to climb faster then inflation we may have to start thinking what to do next. Can’t just let the DVC points go to waste. Selling out DVC time share is an option.