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Hooray, it’s that time of year again, when the latest edition of the Disney Files magazine rolls up for Disney Vacation Club Members, and this one is excellent. If you haven’t already received it, and as always we’re behind the States, living over here in the UK, then it’s well worth the wait.

As you may remember, when the spring 2012 issue showed up, I reviewed that (insert link) and I wasn’t overly impressed with the contents. Well, it’s almost as if Disney listened to what I said, and really upped their game for this issue. Wow, what an improvement!

Unsurprisingly, the first thing that struck me when it came through the letterbox was the front over. It’s a photo montage, made up of Member photos, illustrating the new Cars Land at Disneyland. That piqued my interest immediately, as ever since this was announced, we’ve been desperate to experience it – and finally we will later this year.

The front page is followed up by a four page spread about this amazing new land, with lots of new information that I hadn’t come across before. In particular, I loved the information about the covered queue, and how you get to learn more about Stanley, a character only shown as a statue in the original film. I also hadn’t appreciated that the new Radiator Springs Racers are also competitive, adding a little something different. The fact that Cars Land is the largest rock work project outside of Tokyo DisneySea also fascinated me, and I can’t wait to see it in person.

Aside from Cars Land, there’s plenty more to enjoy in this issue. Even before I read the report on the results of a survey about the magazine, I’d noticed they’d changed the content. Sure enough, towards the end of the two pages, looking at the comments from Members, and I noticed that they’ve made a point of reducing the Disney Diversions section, which looked at news from the Disney studios, and publishers. In its place more Member news, which to me is a really good move.

This issue, that covers the renovations that are being carried out inside the rooms at Saratoga Springs. Although we’re not going to be staying there on our next visit, I may have to try and sneak a look at the rooms, as from the photos, they look lovely, with some wonderful touches. While we’re over there, we’ll also have to check out the new fire pit at that resort, with Old Key West also getting a similar addition.

Turning back to Disney destinations, the Disney Files looks at the other major work taking place at Disney parks around the world. Of course, that has to include the expansion of Fantasyland, with the focus very much on the Beauty and the Beast theme to it, including the Be Our Guest restaurant. Now that I’ve seen the menu for that, we are so going to have to try that out in December!

However, I was probably more interested to read about the massive expansion that’s taking place in Hong Kong Disneyland, as since the plans were first announced, I haven’t heard that much more about that. Having read the article, I think I definitely need to plan in a return visit back to that park to sample the new additions there.

There’s so much more to this issue, including a fascinating read about Epcot’s creation by Disney legend Marty Sklar, which you have to read, the neighbourhood notes (boy have they been busy at Hilton Head!) and lots more updates from the Disney parks around the world.

If you haven’t had your summer copy of the Disney Files yet, then you’re in for a real treat. If you already have received it, hopefully you’ve read, and enjoyed it, and if not, then why not?!

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6 thoughts on “Disney Files Magazine for DVC Members – summer 2012

  • Bill Wilson

    While I agree with much of your praise, I was sad to see the “photo/what’s different” game gone in this edition. Frankly, I was annoyed when they re-framed this page about a year ago. They added nothing new and just made the pictures much smaller (and thus the game, more difficult for us, as we age 😉 )

    Where in the world is Deevee being gone is a definite plus!

  • Lu

    Good morning, I wanted to know if you recommend a company to sell and buy my DVC pts. I found 3 and not sure if they are all good. Can you please help me with this.

    thank you very much

    • Cheryl Pendry Post author

      I personally can’t recommend any, as we’ve never bought via resale, but I know that DVC By Resale gets a good press from people.

  • Les & Jill Taylor

    Hi Cheryl,

    Please excuse our ignorance, but we have not been to WDW since the opening of Epcot as our children are now adults with their own families. However, we have renewed our interest now that we are retired seniors and the grandchildren are approaching the age when we would like to take the entire family – a party of 15 – back in the next few years.
    Would you kindly elaborate on the benefits of joining the Walt Disney World Vacation Club beside the obvious news on current events occuring in the parks? We are wondering if it would be beneficial for us to join as we begin planning our family visit?
    Thanks for your time and cooperation. We will be eagerly looking forward to your reply.

    The Taylors

    • Cheryl Pendry Post author

      You know what? I think that’s such a great question that it deserves its own blog. I’ll try and get one up on what you’ve asked over the next few days – Olympics watching permitting, which is taking up much of my time at the moment… well it is on our doorstep after all!