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First, I do not consider myself a foodie by any stretch of the imagination. I was a very picky eater throughout childhood and early adulthood. When I lived in Japan, I turned down the “delicacies” in favor of spaghetti. Even now, I’m the sort of person who has a favorite dish at restaurants, and usually orders it. Now that I’m older, I will try new things — when the fancy strikes.

It seems, however, that my Disney dining experiences have managed to push me into the “foodie” category, at least based on the wide variety of foods I’ve tried. I just took one of those quizzes that rates you on the types of foods you’ve had and decides if you’re a foodie or not. I scored a 68% (an “International Food Expert”). That rather surprised me. And as I thought about it, I realized that many of the unusual foods I’d had were thanks to Disney in some form or another.

So I thought it might be fun to make a list of  those unusual “foodie” foods that I’ve had (or seen) at Disney World, Disneyland, or on the Disney Cruise Line, as well as some Disney-specific ones. On my Disney foodie list, I get a score of 88% (items I haven’t tried yet are in bold). Take a look at this list and see how much of a Disney foodie YOU are! You don’t have to have tried these at Disney either!

  1. Pumpkin seeds (Boma @ Animal Kingdom Lodge, Narcoosee's @ Grand Floridian Resort, Pumpkin Spice Brittle with Pumpkin seeds @ Disneyland)
  2. Biscuits & gravy (Biscuits on the Bayou at Port Orleans @ Walt Disney World)
  3. Escargot (France Marketplace Booth @ Epcot, Yachtsman Steakhouse @ Yacht Club, many others)
  4. Cantonese Chow Mein (Nine Dragons @ Epcot)
  5. Key Lime Pie (tons of places, including Olivia's Cafe, Sunshine Seasons, and Wolfgang Puck Express)
  6. Fish Tacos (San Angel Inn @ Epcot, Tortilla Jo's @ Downtown Disney in Disneyland Resort)
  7. Gumbo (Boatwright's @ Port Orleans Riverside, Sassagoula Floatworks @ Port Orleans French Quarter, Blue Bayou @ Disneyland Resort)
  8. Mangosteen (White Superfruit Sangria at Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar @ Disneyland Hotel)
  9. Clam Chowder (Columbia Harbour House @ Magic Kingdom, Cape May Cafe @ Beach Club)
  10. Paneer Cheese (Spinach and Paneer Cheese at Sanaa @ Animal Kingdom Lodge)
  11. Haggis (Non-Veggie Haggis at Scotland Dinner @ Food & Wine Festival, Veggie Haggis at Scotland booth)
  12. Citrus Swirl (Sunshine Tree Terrace @ Magic Kingdom)
  13. Lobster Tail (Narcoosee's @ Grand Floridian Resort)
  14. Buffalo (Buffalo Steak at Artist Point @ Wilderness Lodge)
  15. Venison (Venison Carpaccio at Artist Point @ Wilderness Lodge, Venison Sausage at New Zealand booth @ Food & Wine Festival)
  16. Foie Gras (Remy @ Disney Dream & Fantasy ships, plus was previously served at Victoria & Albert's, but no longer)
  17. Currywurst Sausage (Sommerfest at German @ Epcot)
  18. Bangers and Mash (Rose & Crown in United Kingdom @ Epcot, Raglan Road @ Downtown Disney)
  19. S'mores (Campfire and Sing-along @Fort Wilderness Campground)
  20. Fondue (Sharp Cheddar-Beer Fondue at Territory Lounge @ Wilderness Lodge, Chocolate Fondue at Kona Cafe @Polynesian Resort)
  21. Prickly Pear (Prickly Pear Shrimp Salad at Paradiso 37 @ Downtown Disney)
  22. Strawberry Soup (1900 Park Fare @ Grand Floridian Resort)
  23. Caviar (Victoria & Albert @ Grand Floridian Resort. bluezoo @ Dolphin Resort, Palo brunch @ Disney ships)
  24. Tabouleh (Restaurant Marrakesh @ Epcot)
  25. Churros (Cantina de San Angel @ Epcot, Liberty Square @ Magic Kingdom)
  26. Lingonberries (Restaurant Akershus @ Epcot)
  27. Pork Bun (Joy of Tea @ Epcot)
  28. Kobe Beef (Kobe Beef Burger at Yak and Yeti @ Animal Kingdom)
  29. Deep Fried Pickle (Sci Fi Dine-In @ Hollywood Studios)
  30. Curry (Yak & Yeti @ Animal Kingdom, Katsura Grill @ Epcot)
  31. Pineapple Dole Whip Float (Tiki Room @ Disneyland, Aloha Isle @ Magic Kingdom)
  32. Pad Thai (was at Wolfgang Puck Cafe @ Downtown Disney)
  33. Flat Iron Steak (Wolfgant Puck Grand Cafe @ Downtown Disney, Rainforest Cafe, The Wave of American Flavors @ Contemporary)
  34. Dulche de Leche (Bongo's Cuban Cafe @ Downtown Disney, Triton's/Royal Court/Palace breakfast @ Disney Dream/Fantasy)
  35. Morel Mushrooms (was at the old Coral Cafe @ Dolphin)
  36. Gazpacho Soup (Hollywood Brown Derby @ Disney's Hollywood Studios)
  37. Pork rinds (Jardin de Feista @ Food & Wine Festival)
  38. Oysters (Narcoosee's @ Grand Floridian Resort, Palo Brunch @ Disney Ships)
  39. Dolmades (Coussina by Cat Cora @ BoardWalk Resort)
  40. Mimosa Juice (Kona Cafe @ Polynesian Resort, Captain's Grill @ Yacht Club Resort)
  41. Beef Brewat Rolls (Restaurant Marrakesh @ Epcot)
  42. Chicken Caesar Salad (where isn't it at Disney?!? It's offered in many places, especially counter service)
  43. Eggs Benedict (Rainforest Cafe @ Downtown Disney, Grand Floridian Cafe @ Grand Floridian Resort, Trail's End @ Fort Wilderness)
  44. Black Truffle (Monsieur Paul @ Epcot, Animator's Palate @ Disney Dream/Fantasy)
  45. Purple Ketchup (was at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe @ Walt Disney World)
  46. Lassi (Sanaa @ Animal Kingdom Lodge)
  47. Chili Relleno (San Angel Inn @ Epcot)
  48. Philly Cheese Steak (Plaza Restaurant @ Magic Kingdom, Flo's V8 Cafe @ Disney California Adventure)
  49. Liver (Raglan Road @ Downtown Disney, California Grill @ Contemporary Resort)
  50. Quail Eggs (Artist Point @ Wilderness Lodge ... "Sunny-side up!")
  51. Funnel Cake (American Pavilion @ Epcot, Sleepy Hollow @ Magic Kingdom, Blizzard Beach)
  52. Crawfish (Cinderella's Royal Table @ Magic Kingdom, Boatwright's Dining Hall @ Port Orleans Riverside)
  53. Smoked Salmon (Raglan Road @ Downtown Disney, California Grill @ Contemporary)
  54. Lychee (Bradley Falls Kiosk @ Animal Kingdom)
  55. Carp (has appeared at Flying Fish Cafe as a special Chef's Thunder entree)
  56. Pheasant (Napa Rose @ Grand California Resort)
  57. Black Pudding (Raglan Road @ Downtown Disney)
  58. Maple Syrup (Raglan Road @ Downtown Disney)
  59. Pavlova (Australia @ Food & Wine Festival)
  60. Creme Brulee (an ubiquitous dessert and found at many places, like Lef Chefs de France @ Epcot and Tony's Town Square @ Magic Kingdom)
  61. Pulled Pork Sandwich (Flame Tree Barbecue @ Animal Kingdom)
  62. Eel (Wolfgang Puck Cafe @ Downtown Disney, Tokyo Dining @ Epcot)
  63. Huevos Rancheros (Carnation Cafe @ Disneyland)
  64. Green Tea Ice Cream (Katsura Grill @ Epcot)
  65. Barbecue Ribs (many places, include Whispering Canyon Cafe @ Wilderness Lodge)
  66. Seaweed Salad (Fulton's Crab House @ Downtown Disney, Flying Fish Cafe @ BoardWalk)
  67. Sweetbread (Victoria & Albert's @ Grand Floridian Resort)
  68. Dessert Pizza (Palo @ Disney cruise ships)
  69. Soft Shell Crab (California Grill @ Contemporary Resort)
  70. Courgette Flowers (Founder's Club @ Disneyland Paris)
  71. Beignets (Sassagoula Floatworks @ Port Orleans French Quarter, Jazz Kitchen @ Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort)
  72. Sea Urchin (California Grill @ Contemporary Resort)
  73. Po'Boy (Sassagoula Floatworks @ Port Orleans French Quarter, Jazz Kitchen @ Downtown Disney in Disneyland Resort)
  74. Polenta (Tutto Gusto @ Epcot, California Grill @ Contemporary Resort, Citricos @ Grand Floridian)
  75. Pistachio Ice Cream (L'Artisan des Glaces in France @ Epcot)
  76. Octopus (Remy @ Disney Dream/Fantasy, Kimonos @ Swan)
  77. Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich (Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and Sleepy Hollow @ Magic Kingdom)
  78. Honeycomb (Marceline's Confectionary @ Disneyland)
  79. Pocky Sticks (Mitsukoshi in Japan @ Epcot)
  80. Calamari (Via Napoli @ Epcot, Flying Fish Cafe @ BoardWalk)
  81. Kaki Gori (Japan @ Epcot)
  82. Cognac (many places, including Monsieur Paul @ Epcot and Citricos @ Grand Floridian Resort)
  83. Perogies (World Showcase of Flavors truck @ Downtown Disney West Side)
  84. Steak Tartare (Shula's Steak House @ Dolphin)
  85. Shawarma (Tangerieine Cafe @ Epcot)
  86. Goulash (was at Germany @ Food & Wine Festival)
  87. Spring Rolls (Hollywood Brown Derby @ Hollywood Studios)
  88. Crabcake (Flying Fish Cafe @ BoardWalk)
  89. Abalone (Victoria & Albert's @ Grand Floridian Cafe)
  90. Sweet Potato Fries (Cafe Orleans @ Disneyland, Pecos Bill Tale Tale Inn @ Magic Kingdom)
  91. Chicken and Waffles (Sleepy Hollow @ Magic Kingdom)
  92. Bubble and Squeak (Rose & Crown Dining Room @ Epcot)
  93. Sauerkraut (Sommerfest @ Epcot)
  94. Wasabi (Tokyo Dining @ Epcot)
  95. Root Beer Float (Ghirardelli Soda Fountain @ Downtown Disney Marketplace)
  96. Real Corn Dogs (Corn Dog Castle @ Disney California Adventure, Fantasy Fare truck @ Downtown Disney West Side)
  97. Cottage Pie (Rose & Crown Dining Room @ Epcot)
  98. Edamame (Tokyo Dining @ Epcot)
  99. Schoolbread (Kringla Bakeri og Kafe @ Epcot)
  100. Mickey Ice Cream Bar (everywhere! If you haven't tried one, you can't call yourself a Disney foodie yet)

Items from that original “foodie list” that I could find no evidence of at any Disney park or ship: squirrel, fugu, chitlins, absinthe, tripe, alligator, frog’s legs, borscht, durian, tom yum, kangaroo, snake, shark, som tam, daal, baba ganoush (really?!), fried crickets, turtle soup, and dandelion wine. I think this is just as well. So I replaced all of these with unique or special treats at Disney that I (or my friends) really, really like!

One more thing a Disney foodie is familiar with is the Disney Food Blog by my friend AJ Wolfe. I was able to trackdown many of these unusual or fun foods thanks to her excellent blog! I wonder how many AJ has had!

So … how many have you tried? Have I left off any unusual or weird foods you can get at Disney World, Disneyland, or on the Disney Cruise Line that are required eating for a Disney foodie?


Alexander loves his array of sashimi (raw fish) at California Grill

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