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10 thoughts on “Save Money For a Disney Vacation: Try the New Disney Vacation Account

  • Joby

    Thanks for blogging about this. I was extremely curious on how it worked. While I’ll still over the fine print with my husband, I think this might be a good way for us to save. I wonder…if you use a credit card to make the savings deposit each month and you have a credit card that give you rewards points/miles, it could be a good bonus!

  • Jennifer Marx Post author

    March Update: Saving still going well. Because I’m a do-it-and-forget-it type, I’m doing the regular amount per week savings plan not the variable plan. Loving it. 🙂

    • WibirtN

      Just a warning. If you need to get a refund for any reason and call the number listed (407)939-7734. It gives you a message about Disney Vacation Account then asks you to choose your destination, whether you are going to Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise, etc. You have to choose a destination or it just keeps repeating the message to choose a destination. Once you choose a destination it will send you to the people who accept payments for that destination and they will have no idea how to process your refund for the Vacation Account. They will try to send you back to the same phone number you already called. It will involve several checks with supervisors and a lot of misinformation, and extra days. I wouldn’t count on getting the money back for at least 10 days. I had to do it twice and it was the same both times so the second time I just pulled out all the money and closed the Vacation Account.

      • Jennifer Marx Post author

        Hmm, that doesn’t sound very good! Thank you for sharing your experience with that — much appreciated! I certainly hope they improve that situation if they plan to continue with the program.