Free PassPorter Books for Webmasters, Bloggers, and Social Media Leaders

Since PassPorter’s early days, I’ve been happily sending out free review copies of PassPorter guidebooks to Disney- and travel-related webmasters — and more recently bloggers, podcasters, and social media leaders. Not only am I proud of PassPorter and love to show it off, but I believe folks like this deserve something for everything they give to the community.

Sure, I hope you’ll enjoy PassPorter and want to tell others about it, too. If you like PassPorter, wonderful! If you don’t, your feedback is invaluable as it can help us improve future editions. (And I DO listen!) I don’t ask anything in return for the free copy, though I do hope that you’ll help spread news of PassPorter by word of mouse (see below) to other Disney fans and travelers.

How do you request a free PassPorter?

It’s a fairly easy two-step process:

  1. Mention somewhere on your website, blog, podcast, or social media page that you want to get a PassPorter, and include the name of the PassPorter you want (i.e., PassPorter’s Walt Disney World, PassPorter’s Disney Cruise Line, etc.). This shows me that you’re indeed the owner/editor/contributor to said web site, blog, podcast and that you have editing/contributing rights.
  2. E-mail me at with the link to #1 and your shipping address. It’s helpful if you put Free Review Copy Request in the subject line.

Optional: If you also want to have some extra copies of PassPorter for a giveaway contest to your readers/visitors/listeners, we can do that, too. Include that mention in #1 and request the specific books you’d like when you e-mail me.

Once I get your e-mail, I’ll visit your link and write you back. If all goes well, I will add your link to this page and your PassPorter(s) will arrive in a week or two. Naturally, free copies are given out at my discretion.

What’s this “Word of Mouse” thing?

It’s our take on word of mouth (get it?). Word of “mouse” is one of the things that made PassPorter 15 years ago — a brand-new book by a brand-new publisher in a VERY competitive category — a hit in our first year. Our readers and supporters spread the word to other Mouse-loving vacationers across the Internet. And we still need this word of “mouse” to continue in order reach our potential readers. We may have won awards, but we’re still a small company with limited reach (and and even more limited budget).

We never, ever “seed” our word of mouth (seeding means to rave about something anonymously or under an alias to make it look like someone else). That would be unethical. I’ve always relied upon people who truly like PassPorter to pass along the word in places where other Disney fans congregate.

So what does this have to do with you? Two things:

1. As a leader in our community, you can help PassPorter with your own word of “mouse.” It can be simple or complex, but most importantly, it should be genuine. If you like PassPorter, let folks know. If you don’t like PassPorter or certain aspects of it, don’t say you do — let us know what you don’t like and feel free to let others know, too. Honesty pays.

2. As someone with your own resource to promote, you can make the most of word of “mouse” as well. Monitor the gathering places of Disney fans, ask for honest testimonials from folks who like your resource, and let folks know you appreciate the exposure. Don’t be competitive with your fellow leaders; be cooperative! Networking is your most important tool.

Please share this with your friends who might qualify for this free offer!

And if you have questions about what sorts of sites, blogs, podcasts, social media pages, etc qualify for the free PassPorter offer, just ask me here! 🙂

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