Disney Cruise Guide … in COLOR! Get a Sneak Peek! 8

SneakPeekFullColorTo date, our popular PassPorter’s Disney Cruise Line guidebook has been printed in the traditional black ink of most paperbacks. This was fine until the last few years, when we began seeing more and more comments asking us to print the cruise guide in color like PassPorter’s Walt Disney World. This year, we are very seriously considering granting our readers their wish for full color pages for the next edition of our popular Disney Cruise Line guidebook. We’ve gone so far as to start colorizing the pages! What do you think? First look at the old, then the new.

First page of Chapter 1 (current edition):


First page of Chapter 1 (next edition in full color):


Second and third pages of Chapter 1 (current edition) – click image to see it larger:


Second and third pages of Chapter 1 (next edition in full color):


If you like the change to full color, it’s important you let us know! Respond here, tell us on our message boards or Facebook pages, or drop us an e-mail to support@passporter.com.

And before you ask, because I know you will, we don’t have a firm release date nor is it available for pre-order yet. I promise to let you know when I know more!

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