Counting Calories or Carbs? Nutritional Information Appearing on Menus!

This morning a Disney fan e-mailed me to see if PassPorter offers a book with the carb totals for all the menu items at Disney eateries. (No, we do not.) But, whenever I have to say “no,” I like to research an answer and give them another place to check online. So I did some searching and discovered something really interesting … Disney has published the full nutritional content up for every lunch menu item at Be Our Guest at the Magic Kingdom. Calories, fat (saturated and trans), cholesterol, sodium, fiber, sugars and protein — the works! Here’s the information on the Be Our Guest menu at for the Braised Pork, pictured above:


Ingredients are listed for most items, too! When there are allergens present, such as eggs, wheat, corn, peanut, tree nut, shellfish, soy, or milk, a warning note is also shown and the allergens are listed.

Not only that, but some of the menu items have the ability to modify the ingredients — add in or take out — and it recalculates the nutritional content for you! Here’s the modify window for Croque Monsieur:


This is the only eatery I’ve found with this information, and it’s only for lunch, and I have a theory as to why — Be Our Guest Lunch is a FastPass+ option and the only one so far. And when you book your Be Our Guest lunch online via FastPass+ (see my review on that experience here), you have the option to choose your food selections. So having the nutritional information available online when you are choosing is important!

You can even compare all the menu options in a handy table format at the bottom of the menu:


Will we see more nutritional information go online for Disney eateries? It’s hard to say, but given the fact that this information is online and there’s clearly web support to display it and recalculate it, I think it’s a very good sign that more information may appear in the future. I’d definitely keep an eye on the menus to see if they do. This information would be helpful for many, many people.

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