Trip PinUp #1 – Planning Your Adventure to Walt Disney World: Pinterest Love!

I love Pinterest. I use it daily to find and organize ideas, save pages, and get inspired. PassPorter is on Pinterest, of course, and has a great set of pins already. But I decided it would be fun to make some Pinterest-specific images. I’m calling them Trip PinUps and the idea is that you can pin them to your Pinterest boards as tips or ideas for your vacation, or just as something pretty to look at it (because who doesn’t love pretty?).

This first Trip PinUp is so simple — it’s the first page of the first chapter of PassPorter’s Walt Disney World 2014 guidebook. I figured I should start at the beginning, and what better place than there? It’s taken word-for-word from the book and it’s all about the importance of planning! Those of you on Pinterest will get the usefulness of this Trip PinUp. Not on Pinterest? Find out why it’s so cool, or just print it out and use it as an awesome bookmark!

Click here to PinIt for yourself!


 Click here to PinIt for yourself!

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