Disney Bound as Tinker Bell: My Dream Trip Outfit 1

It’s going to be chilly this week in Florida for my Disney road trip, so I put together a Florida-friendly warm outfit — that means it’s layered! I was inspired by the Disney Bound trend of using fashionable, non-costume clothing to represent your favorite Disney character — and mine is Tinker Bell. Yes, I’m a little eccentric and quirky … what do you expect for a Disney geek like me? It leans way toward comfortable than fashionable, but hey, that’s what I like!

Details on my Disney Bound: 

Coat — I made this coat myself from upcycled cashmere sweaters, a la Katwise! I added a linen circle underskirt for fun. See my tutorial on how to make this.

Hat — A simple newsboy hat from the same green linen as the underskirt!

Outfit — I’m wearing my green Lands End PassPorter shirt, paired with a pretty green linen circle skirt that matches the hat — super twirly and comfy.

Sneakers — Just simple green canvas shoes from Target. I’m not a shoe girl.

Accessories — A Tinker Bell cover band on my pink MagicBand (see my tutorial) and a pretty pink felt flower hair clip. I’m not a jewelry girl, either.

Bag — Ah, I wish I had this one! But sadly, I do not own it and it’s sold out at the Disney Store. I am seriously considering picking one up a different one on my trip, though. Stay tuned!

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