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Hi there! Nice to meet you. That's a nice name. Oh, interesting; that sounds like a fun job. You're from where? Really? No, I'm kidding...really? How do you spell that?? Oooh, me? I'm Kelly. I am a full-time Disney daydreamer, planner, and, now, blogger. In the *real* world, somewhere near Detroit, MI, I tend to be be ever busy solving life's daily conundrums, serving up vacation planning advice, or simply somehow saving the day (aren't we all?). As for my love of Disney, I share that with my DH, as well as our furry "kids;" although, perhaps, they don't love it quite as much as we do! In any event, since our "little ones" can't accompany us to Walt Disney World each year, we have discovered so many of the fun and wonderful experiences available to us adult-only travelers -- and I am so thrilled to share all of this with you! ** So, last time, you'll never believe what they had...

Well the inevitable price increase has struck! This past Sunday, Disney raised it’s theme park admission prices for the Walt Disney World Resort, as reported by PassPorter News earlier this week. And with Tax That Will Be… The Disney Parks Blog posted the updated prices, which averaged about a $10 […]

Price Increase for Walt Disney World Park Admission

Looks like it’s officially time to say goodbye to one of the Magic Kingdom’s (“MK”) original attractions. Snow White’s Scary Adventures will be closing this week on June 1st. 🙁 “It’s off to work we go…” It’s just another facet of the Fantasyland expansion — the closing of something familiar […]

Goodbye to a Walt Disney World Classic: Snow White’s Scary ...

I think I just found another great reason to get to the parks a little earlier! Starbucks is coming to Disney! *happy dance* Disney announced a few weeks ago that they are partnering with the coffee company to bring several locations to Disney parks around the country, including, of course, […]

Starbucks is Going to Disney World!

Did anyone else get a big grin across their face, like I did, when they first heard this announcement? Ok, so perhaps this question is better directed to those of us who actually s w o o n whenever we so much as think about Captain Jack Sparrow! 😀 Enough […]

“The Legend of Jack Sparrow” Scheduled for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I just wanted to post a quick reminder that as of today, May 1st, tickets for Walt Disney World’s (“WDW”) very popular holiday parties, Mickey’s Not Scary Halloween Party (“MNSSHP”) and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (“MVMCP”), are now officially on sale and can be purchased on the Disney website […]

Want to Party at Walt Disney World? Buy Your Tickets ...

So continuing my topic from last week’s blog wherein I asked you to share your “Top 5” advance dining reservations (“ADRs”) with me, I wanted to quickly let you all know about some issues I had this morning with the Walt Disney World (“WDW”) online dining reservation system. You May […]

Booking Your Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) at Walt Disney World: ...

So, this week, I have a lot of planning to get to! Yep, it’s almost time for those advance dining reservations (“ADRs”) again, and the DH and I have been busy taking care of some of those adult 😉 pre-vacation details, like his creating Excel spreadsheets and number crunching (*yawn*) […]

What Are the Top 5 Places You Get Advance Dining ...

For my final installment in answering a reader, Stacy’s question from a few weeks ago: Any hints and ideas of some uniquely adult fun at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom are appreciated… I’ve all ready over done Epcot ( and know it inside and out). . .ideas? Emphasis […]

Animal Kingdom: What Can We Do?

Moving on from last week’s blog, “The Magic Kingdom: What Can We Do?“, wherein I was answering a question asked by a reader, Stacy: Any hints and ideas of some uniquely adult fun at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom are appreciated… I’ve all ready over done Epcot ( […]

Disney’s Hollywood Studios: What Can We Do?