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Jennifer Marx is the author of more than 50 travel guides and the recipient of more than a dozen awards. She is also the co-founder and co-creator of, an active community of enthusiastic travelers. Her amazing son, Alexander, is the subject of many of her posts and thoughts on family travel. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

So how well do you really know Walt Disney? Our friends at Celebrations magazine are sharing their great quizzes with PassPorter fans. Here’s a new quiz by Tim Foster that quizzes you on how well you know Tomorrowland at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort. Try it and see how you do! The scores […]

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Our friends at Celebrations magazine are sharing another of their fabulous quizzes with PassPorter this month. Here’s a fun quiz by Jennifer Bright Reich that helps you find out which famous Disney Princess or Prince you are most like! The personality test is just for fun, but I’d still love to […]

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It’s going to be chilly this week in Florida for my Disney road trip, so I put together a Florida-friendly warm outfit — that means it’s layered! I was inspired by the Disney Bound trend of using fashionable, non-costume clothing to represent your favorite Disney character — and mine is Tinker Bell. Yes, I’m […]

Disney Bound as Tinker Bell: My Dream Trip Outfit

Goodbye, snow — hello, sunshine! It’s time for mid-winter break and we’re escaping the frozen tundra of Michigan for instant spring in Florida and the Bahamas. Follow along as we take a Great American Road Trip to the south, stopping along the way at Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and visiting […]

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Disney Cruise Line’s already complex deposit, full payment due, and cancellation penalty dates have changed for some cruises and stateroom categories. Non-concierge staterooms are affected in two areas: 6-9 day cruises begin and/or end at US ports, and 1-9 night cruises (that originate/end in US ports) that include certain major […]

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Ready for a Disney holiday quiz? Our friends at Celebrations magazine are sharing their great quizzes with PassPorter fans. Here’s a fun holiday quiz by Jennifer Bright Reich that quizzes you on how well you know all the ins and outs of the amazing holiday decorations at Walt Disney World! Like our Animal […]

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