Disney Inspired

It’s going to be chilly this week in Florida for my Disney road trip, so I put together a Florida-friendly warm outfit — that means it’s layered! I was inspired by the Disney Bound trend of using fashionable, non-costume clothing to represent your favorite Disney character — and mine is Tinker Bell. Yes, I’m […]

Disney Bound as Tinker Bell: My Dream Trip Outfit

So you are well rested after your adventure in the Magic Kingdom yesterday, and ready to take on Epcot, right? Let’s go! While the Magic Kingdom is the smallest park on property, Epcot sometimes appears to be the biggest. (It’s not.) Epcot is actually divided into 2 lands, FutureWorld and […]

Epcot: a big new world!

Angie Daley has a Disney-inspired vision. She sees her work hanging in Art of Disney stores all over the world.  Getting there won’t be easy. In the beginning, she was surrounded by non-believers. The Mouse was far away and very hard to reach. Still, she continued working toward two long-shots […]

Disney inspires Angie Daley to paint her way to Wonderland. ...