Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Did anyone else get a big grin across their face, like I did, when they first heard this announcement? Ok, so perhaps this question is better directed to those of us who actually s w o o n whenever we so much as think about Captain Jack Sparrow! šŸ˜€ Enough […]

“The Legend of Jack Sparrow” Scheduled for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

For my final installment in answering a reader, Stacy’s question from a few weeks ago: Any hints and ideas of some uniquely adult fun at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom are appreciatedā€¦ Iā€™ve all ready over done Epcot ( and know it inside and out). . .ideas? Emphasis […]

Animal Kingdom: What Can We Do?

Trips to Disney World or Disneyland are often seen as a once in a lifetime event. Many families going through major life events like cancer treatments see Disney trips as a celebration of life. Cancer treatments are designed to kill the cancerous cells that ravage our bodies and take over […]

Disney After Cancer Treatment