Trips to Disney World or Disneyland are often seen as a once in a lifetime event. Many families going through major life events like cancer treatments see Disney trips as a celebration of life. Cancer treatments are designed to kill the cancerous cells that ravage our bodies and take over […]

Disney After Cancer Treatment

So you are well rested after your adventure in the Magic Kingdom yesterday, and ready to take on Epcot, right? Let’s go! While the Magic Kingdom is the smallest park on property, Epcot sometimes appears to be the biggest. (It’s not.) Epcot is actually divided into 2 lands, FutureWorld and […]

Epcot: a big new world!

So, I was just thinking about the fact that, again, in a few short weeks *happy dancing, dancing, DANCING!* (Oh yea! Isn’t that the Bee Gees, or some disco-eque song? LOL), I will be attempting to seamlessly *fingers-, eyes-, and toes-crossed* book our upcoming trip. However, this time, I have […]

Who is on Your (Disney Vacation) Invitation List?