Healthy living

So you are well rested after your adventure in the Magic Kingdom yesterday, and ready to take on Epcot, right? Let’s go! While the Magic Kingdom is the smallest park on property, Epcot sometimes appears to be the biggest. (It’s not.) Epcot is actually divided into 2 lands, FutureWorld and […]

Epcot: a big new world!

When you think of fitness, what comes to mind? Today’s media would have you thinking of beautiful people in spandex, walking on their home (read:expensive) exercise equipment, trying out the latest diet craze (“6,000 grapefruits a week and you’ll lose 10 pounds!!!!!”) or trying an unproven diet supplement with a […]

Walking your way to a great big beautiful tomorrow!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Truer words were never spoken! That simple statement applies to all facets of life, including the journey to better health. And that journey needs to include good food choices, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. If you are already in […]

Beginning a Healthy Journey