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PassPorter Podcast Subscription

Do you like our podcasts? Subscribe here as an 'official listener' so we know who you are! Subscribing also gives you the following perks:

1. You'll be automatically entered to win our weekly contest! Each week we will choose a random subscribed listener and announce their first name and last initial on the air -- if you hear your name, and send us an e-mail to tell us, you'll win a $30 gift certificate from PassPorter!

2. You'll receive an (optional) e-mail notifying you of a new podcast BEFORE we post it on the message boards, put notification on our home page, or mention it anywhere else like Facebook! Don't want an e-mail? No problem!

3. You have the opportunity to share your big news with us, and we'll announce it 'on the air.' When you have news to share -- a birthday, anniversary, wedding, big trip, first trip, whatever YOU are celebrating -- you may return to this Podcast page and submit it! Each podcast, we'll announce as many date-relevant celebrations we can fit in! Date relevant means, for example, we won't announce a birthday until it is 1-7 days before a birthday on the date we air a podcast, so all our celebration news is timely!

To subscribe as an official listener, first register as a member of our community (or login on the left), then return to this page to subscribe electronically.

Even if you're not interested in the contest, e-mail, or celebration announcements, please subscribe to let us know you're listening! We love to know you're out there, and we value your feedback.

Thank you!

The PassPorter Team