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    What Are Tings and Concierge Levels?

    We believe your experiences and contributions should be rewarded! So as you use PassPorter's Concierge Desk, you add up 'Tings' -- you may find them, receive them, or earn them. The more Tings you get, the higher you climb in Concierge Levels. And each new level unlocks new features at your Concierge Desk!

    Why are they called Tings?
    Tings is our word for points. We got the word from the sound of that little bell that sits on a concierge desk, the one that goes 'ting' when you tap it! The more tings you get, the more experienced you are. You can consider this a game for a little fun, a tool to get you motivated, or both! Let's see how many Tings you can get!

    How do I know how many Tings I need to level up?
    Simply check your Concierge Level -- it will show you how many Tings you've earned during this level and how many total Tings you need before the next level! For example, 4/10 means you have earned 4 Tings this level, but need 10 total to level up.

    You've discovered a PassPorter's Club Concierge Tip!
    Ting the bell to read your tip and save it in your Concierge Desk!
    How do I earn Tings?
    You earn Tings by using and PassPorter's Concierge Desk. We will be bringing new ways to earn Tings online as we ramp up. Currently, you can earn Tings by doing the following activities:

  • Discovering tips throughout -- just look for the concierge bell and tap it! (click here for more details!)
  • Contributing a tip

  • Coming soon:
  • Registering a book
  • Subscribing to a podcast
  • Entering your trip dates
  • Writing a hotel review

  • How many Concierge Levels are there?
    Everyone may work their way up to level 5; PassPorter's Club passholders may level beyond this. Our current level cap is 10, at which point you achieve Expert Concierge status. We may add additional levels in the future. Click here to see our Concierges and what they are doing!

    How many tings does it take to level up?
    Everyone starts at level 0 and moves up to higher levels with more tings. It takes progressively more tings as you move up in levels. The list* below indicates how many tings you must gain during your current level to reach the next level. For example, if you just reached level 1, you must find 25 more new tings to reach level 2.
      Level 1 - 10
      Level 2 - 25
      Level 3 - 50
      Level 4 - 150
      Level 5 - 300
      Level 6 - 450
      Level 7 - 600
      Level 8 - 800
      Level 9 - 1000
      Level 10 - 1400
      * these numbers may change in the future

    What features do I get for gaining new Concierge Levels?
    Each new level you gain unlocks cool features. Here are examples:

  • Level 1: Sort all of your discovered tips; get new desktop color/texture options, change colors and ornaments on your trip tickers
  • Level 2: Search all of your discovered tips.
  • Level 3: Mark tips as favorites and sort by favorites.
  • Level 4: Save your personal notes for tips you've found (public or private).
  • Level 5: Add your own tips (public or private) to your collection and append notes to them.
  • Level 6: Create your own personalized PassPorter's Tips Book to print out and give to travel companions.

  • Note: PassPorter's Club Passholders automatically begin at level 6, giving them all the perks from levels 1-6.

     PassPorter's Concierge Desk Copyright 2010-2015 by Jennifer Marx at PassPorter Travel Press

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