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Forums Closed
As of January 1, 2019, we have closed our forums. This is a decision we did not come to lightly, but it is necessary. The software our forums run on is just too out-of-date and it poses a significant security risk. The server software itself must be updated, and it cannot be without removing the forums.

So it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our long-running forums. They came online in 2000 and brought together so many wonderful Disney fans. We had friendships form, careers launch, couples marry, children born ... all because of this amazing community.

Thank you to each of you who were a part of this community. You made it possible.

And a very special thank you to our Guides (moderators), past and present, who kept our forums a happy place to be. You are the glue that held everything together, and we are forever grateful to you. Thank you aliceinwdw, Caldercup, MrsM, WillCAD, Fortissimo, GingerJ, HiddenMickey, CRCrazy, Eeyoresmom, disneyknut, disneydani, Cam22, chezp, WDWfan, Luvsun, KMB733, rescuesk, OhToodles!, Colexis Mom, lfredsbo, HiddenMickey, DrDolphin, DopeyGirl, duck addict, Disneybine, PixieMichele, Sandra Bostwick, Eeyore Tattoo, DyanKJ130, Suzy Q'Disney, LilMarcieMouse, AllisonG, Belle*, Chrissi, Brant, DawnDenise, Crystalloubear, Disneymom9092, FanOfMickey, Goofy4Goofy, GoofyMom, Home4us123, iamgrumpy, ilovedisney247, Jennifer2003, Jenny Pooh, KrisLuvsDisney, Ladyt, Laughaholic88, LauraBelle Hime, Lilianna, LizardCop, Loobyoxlip, lukeandbrooksmom, marisag, michnash, MickeyMAC, OffKilter_Lynn, PamelaK, Poor_Eeyore, ripkensnana, RobDVC, SHEANA1226, Shell of the South, snoozin, Statelady01, Tara O'Hara, tigger22, Tink and Co., Tinkerbelz, WDWJAMBA, wdwlovers, Wendyismyname, whoSEZ, WildforWD, and WvuGrrrl. You made the magic.

We want to personally thank Sara Varney, who coordinated our community for many years (among so many other things she did for us), and Cheryl Pendry, our Message Board Manager who helped train our Guides, and Ginger Jabour, who helped us with the PassPorter-specific forums and Live! Guides. Thank you for your time, energy, and enthusiasm​. You made it all happen.

There are other changes as well.

Why? Well, the world has changed. And change with it, we must. The lyrics to "We Go On" for IllumiNations say it best:

We go on to the joy and through the tears
We go on to discover new frontiers
Moving on with the current of the years.
We go on
Moving forward now as one
Moving on with a spirit born to run
Ever on with each rising sun.
To a new day, we go on.

It's time to move on and move forward.

PassPorter is a small business, and for many years it supported our family. But the world changed, print books took a backseat to the Internet, and for a long time now it has been unable to make ends meet. We've had to find new ways to support our family, which means new careers and less and less time available to devote to our first baby, PassPorter.

But eventually, we must move on and move forward. It is the right thing to do.

So we are retiring this newsletter, as we simply cannot keep up with it. Many thanks to Mouse Fan Travel who supported it all these years, to All Ears and MousePlanet who helped us with news, to our many article contributors, and -- most importantly -- to Sara Varney who edited our newsletter so wonderfully for years and years.

And we are no longer charging for the Live Guides. If you have a subscription, it's yours to keep for the lifetime of the Live Guides at no additional cost. The Live Guides will stay online, barring server issues and technical problems, for all of 2019.

That said, PassPorter is not going away. Most of the resources will remain online for as long as we can support them, and after that we will find ways to make whatever we can available. PassPorter means a great deal to us, and to many of you, and we will do our best to keep it alive in whatever way we can. Our server costs are high, and they'll need to come out of our pockets, so in the future you can expect some changes so we can bring those costs down.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing support over the years. Without you, there's no way us little guys could have made something like this happen and given the "big guys" a run for their money. PassPorter was consistently the #3 guidebook after the Unofficial and Official guides, which was really unheard of for such a small company to do. We ROCKED it thanks to you and your support and love!

If you miss us, you can still find some of us online. Sara started a new blog at -- I strongly urge you to visit and get on her mailing list. She IS the Disney park princess and knows Disney backward and forward. And I am blogging as well at, which is a little craft blog I started a couple of years ago to make ends meet. You can see and hear me in my craft show at . Many PassPorter readers and fans are on Facebook, in groups they formed like the PassPorter Trip Reports and PassPorter Crafting Challenge (if you join, just let them know you read about it in the newsletter). And some of our most devoted community members started a forum of their own at Pixie Dust Lane and all are invited over.

So we encourage you to stay in touch with us and your fellow community members wherever works best for you!

Best wishes for a wonderful and magical new year!

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You may change your password any time. Just login, click My Home, then click Edit E-Mail & Password. You'll need to type your current password (for security purposes) then you can enter a new password (you'll need to type it twice to avoid typos). If you cannot remember your current password, see the "I lost my password, what can I do?" FAQ item.

How do I find posts that may already have the answer I need?
One of the key benefits of the message board format is that it enables commonly asked questions to be answered once, for the benefit of all. Before posting your question, it is always worth checking to see if it has already been asked -- and answered! You can do this via the Search link near the top of most pages. Various options are available, both for how the search term is specified and for controlling how much of the forums database you want to search. This is where the specificity of topic subjects is important, making it much easier to locate precisely what it is you're after from a list of search results.

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What makes a good subject line?
The first post of a given topic establishes the subject by which all subsequent replies will be known. Once there's been a reply, the topic subject cannot be subsequently changed. It's therefore important to get the subject right from the outset. Make it as descriptive and as specific as possible. For example, 'IllumiNations Cruise Questions', is much better than something completely generic, such as "I Need Help!" Not only is a good subject line more likely to elicit a response, but it'll also make it much easier for all posts in the topic to be located. Please note that the administrators and moderators (Guides) may change your subject line at our discretion if we feel it is not descriptive enough.

What do I do if I can't log in?
Having login problems? This checklist may help you successfully log in:

1. Make sure you are entering your password correctly. It is case-sensitive.

2. Completely logout by hitting the Log Out link near the top of the page, and then log back in again.

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How do I add an image?
We encourage our members to include images in their posts and their signatures -- it's fun to see photos of our families, snapshots from our vacations, and creative clip art. These guidelines provide help in including images in your posts and signatures, as well as offer important guidelines regarding the size of the images. If you have questions about anything image-related, please post your question in The Garage (Technical Support) forum.

First, you need an image. Images may come from photos you've scanned, clip art you've found online, or graphics you've created on your computer. Your image file should be in JPEG (.jpg file extension) or GIF (.gif file extension) format for the best viewing. These are two of the most common formats, so this isn't generally an issue. Please note that if you want to use clip art found elsewhere online, please be sure you have permission to use it and/or link to it. Not all web sites want you to take or link to their images, as it can slow down their own site considerably. Additionally, some images cannot be linked if they have unusual characters -- for example, you cannot link from

Pay close attention to the size of your images. If your posts include large images, they can fill the entire screen of a browser window, slow down the message board, and make it harder to read a thread. As a general rule, the best image is the smallest image that shows everything the viewer needs to see in the smallest file possible.

We have two different guidelines for image size depending upon where the image is located.

1. Images in the body of a post cannot exceed 640 x 480 pixels EACH. For example, you can include as many photos from your vacation in your trip report posting so long as each does not exceed 640 x 480 pixels. [Note: The Darkroom forum allows photos up to 800 pixels in size.]

2. Images in your signature cannot exceed 300 pixels tall x 400 pixels wide TOTAL, and cannot exceed 30k total. For example, it's okay to include three small images so long as they fit within a 300 x 400 square pixel area (see graphic below) and the total file size of all the images does not exceed 30k (30000 bytes).

All your signature images should fit within this much space:

Tip: Print out this page, then print your signature, and compare your signature size to the above graphic. So how do you know if your images are the right size? You can check your image size in a couple of ways:
1. If the image is already online, right-click the image and select Properties from the pop-up menu. The Properties window will indicate the byte size and dimensions of the image.
2. Use the My web site to open your image from the web or from your computer.
3. If your image is on your computer, open it in your favorite graphics program (we recommend Paint Shop Pro on Windows or GraphicConverter on the Mac).

These programs will tell you the size of your image, either in a separate properties window or at the bottom of the window in which the image is displayed. Refer to the program's documentation.

How do you resize an image? If your file is under 200k (200000 bytes), the easiest way to resize is to use Just follow the onscreen directions to open your file. Your file is automatically "crunched" into a smaller byte size. You can then use the menus near the top of the window to edit your image. To change the dimensions, click the Edit menu and choose Resize. When you're satisfied with the size of your image, click the File menu and choose Save. The next screen gives you directions on how to download the image to your hard drive -- you can even upload it to your web space if you know the host, directory, username, and password.

[If your file is over 200k, won't open the file. Instead, you should open the file in a image editor program such as PaintShopPro (Windows) or GraphicConverter (Mac) and resize it there -- refer to your program's documentation for specific instructions.]

Now that you've got a properly sized image, you need to get to upload it. To ensure it displays properly on our message boards, we recommend you upload it to our server. Here's how you upload your image to your signature:
1. Go to the My Home link.
2. Click Edit Signature.
3. Follow the onscreen directions to upload a signature picture.

(Note: If you already have web space that came along with your Internet account, you may be able to use that to upload your photos instead. Once your image is uploaded to your web space, make a note of its full URL address. Do note, however, that some other servers' URLs may contain characters that cannot be linked here, such as Snapfish.) To add your image within a post, just encase the image URL as shown, but replace the parentheses with brackets:


In the example above, the code automatically makes the image visible in your message. Note: the "http://" part of the URL is REQUIRED for the (img) code.

We recommend you test all images in The Driveway forum while you're first learning how to include images. It's normal to make mistakes in the beginning, and we all goof up from time to time. Don't feel bad if it takes a few tries to get it right. If you just can't get your image to display, post in The Garage forum and we'll all do our best to help you!

Please note that we reserve the right to remove any image, even if it is small enough, if we feel it causes technical problems or violates our content or linking guidelines.

What is the title (i.e., "Visitor") under my name?
Everyone has a title (or rank) within the forum. You will notice them below the member name in each post. Some titles are automatically assigned based on the number of posts a user has made, and some titles are assigned by PassPorter to special people. Here is a list of the title ranks and the number of posts necessary to achieve each one:

PassPorter Reader - 0 posts (this is where you begin)
PassPorter Visitor - 1-4 posts
PassPorter Day-Tripper - 5-14 posts
PassPorter Tourist - 15-24 posts
PassPorter Passenger - 25-49 posts
PassPorter Sightseer - 50-99 posts
PassPorter Wayfarer - 100-199 posts
PassPorter Traveler - 200-499 posts
PassPorter Adventurer - 500-999 posts
PassPorter Trekker - 1000-1999 posts
PassPorter Jetsetter - 2000-2999 posts
PassPorter Globetrotter - 3000-3999 posts
PassPorter Scout - 4000-4999 posts
PassPorter Trailblazer - 5000-5999 posts
PassPorter Navigator - 6000-6999 posts
PassPorter Explorer - 7000-14999 posts
PassPorter Legend - 15000-29000 posts
PassPorter Legend Extraordinaire - 30,000 posts
PassPorter Legend Luminary - 50,000 posts
PassPorter Legend VIP - 65,000+ posts (this is as high as our ranking system will go!)

Note: In addition to these titles, we also recognize members' contributions to our community through our Achievement System, which takes many types of activity into account. Through the Achievement System, you can earn points, redeem them for rewards, and have the chance to get special awards.

What are the tiny icons (pixies) at the bottom of signatures in posts?
The tiny icons below the signatures of some members' posts are rewards our Achievement system. Some icons are rewards for accomplishments (such as making 1000 posts), while others are "pixies" to spread good cheer and well being. The rewards are redeemed for activity in our community and may also be gifted to other community members. To see your own Achievement level, points accumulates, and rewards available, go to your profile (click the Your Profile in the My Home section) and click the Achievement tab.

Shorthands and Acronyms
With all the names and titles flying around at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the Disney Cruise Line, does it come as any surprise that folks use abbreviations? You probably already know WDW, DL, and DCL, but what about CDS or MAoWtP? If you come across an abbreviation you don't recognize, use this handy dandy list to look it up. We've also included some general usage shorthands (such as AFK and BTW), as well as some emoticons (smileys) at the bottom.

As for using abbreviations yourself, this usually works best when you spell out the word the first time, put the abbreviation immediately after it in parentheses, and then use the abbreviation from that point on in your message. For example, "We went to Adventurers Club (AC) on our second night we thought AC was the best club on Pleasure Island!" This helps readers understand your message even if they aren't as up to date on all the abbreviations.

If you notice an important abbreviation missing from this list, please contact us and we'll include it.

General Shorthands
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AFK - Away From Keyboard/Keys
BTW - By The Way
BRB - Be Right Back
DH - Dear(est) Husband
DW - Dear(est) Wife
DD - Dear(est) Daughter
DS - Dear(est) Son
F2F - Face-to-Face
GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
OT - Off Topic
OTOH - On The Other Hand
ROTF - Rolling On The Floor (laughing)
ROFLWTIME - Rolling On Floor With Tears In My Eyes
RSN - Real Soon Now
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
WTG - Way To Go

Disney-Related Shorthands
AA - The American Adventure
AB - Alligator Bayou (at Port Orleans Resort)
AC - Adventurers Club
ADR - Advance Dining Reservation
AK - Animal Kingdom (also DAK)
AKL - Animal Kingdom Lodge
AP - Annual Pass
APT - Artist Point
AS - All-Star Sports Resort
ASMV - All-Star Movie Resort
ASMU - All-Star Music Resort

BatB - "Beauty and the Beast" Live on Stage
BB - Blizzard Beach
BC - Beach Club Resort
BC - Beaches and Cream
BET - BET Soundstage (at Pleasure Island)
BTMR - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
BW - BoardWalk Resort
BWI- Boardwalk Inn
BWV - BoardWalk Villas

CB - Character Breakfast
CD - Character Dinner
CdS - Cirque du Soleil
CBR - Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
CG - California Grill
CM - Cast Member (Walt Disney Company employee)
CM's- Chef Mickeys at the Contemporary
Cont - Disney's Contemporary Resort
CP - Crystal Palace
CaP - Candlelight Processional (Around Christmas in Epcot)
CoP - Carousel of Progress
CRO - Central Reservations Office (which handles Dining and Resort reservations) 407-WDISNEY (934-7639)
CS - Coronado Springs Resort
CSR - Coronado Springs Resort
CW - Comedy Warehouse (at Pleasure Island)

DAK - Disney's Animal Kingdom
DCL- Disney Cruise Line
D/MGM - Disney-MGM Studios
DD - Downtown Disney
DD - Disney Dollars
DDE - Disney Dining Experience
DLR - Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, CA)
DLP - Disneyland Paris
DM - Disney Magic (Disney Cruise Line)
DVC - Disney Vacation Club
DW - Disney Wonder (Disney Cruise Line)

EC - Epcot
EE - Early Entry
EMH - Extra Magic Hours

FF - Flying Fish Cafe (at BoardWalk)
FP - FASTPASS Ride Reservation System
FRAP- Florida Resident Annual Pass
FtW - Fort Wilderness
FTC - Florida Towncar Service
FW - Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground
FW - Future World (part of Epcot)
FWC - Fort Wilderness Cabins

GF - Grand Floridian Beach Resort
GoH - Guest of Honor

HDD - Hoop De Doo Revue
HH - Disney Vacation Club Hilton Head Resort
HISTA - "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience"
HM - Hidden Mickey
HM - The Haunted Mansion
HoB- House of Blues
HoP - The Hall of Presidents

IASW - "it's a small world"
I-Drive - International Drive
IG - International Gateway
IN - IllumiNations

JC - Jungle Cruise
JII - Journey Into Imagination

KK- Keys to the Kingdom (a backstage guided tour)

LBV - Lake Buena Vista
LS - The Living Seas (now "The Seas with Nemo & Friends)

MAoWtP - Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
MB - Magnolia Bend (at Port Orleans)
MCO - Orlando International Airport
MGM - Disney-MGM Studios
MK - Magic Kingdom
MNSSHP - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
MS - Main Street
MSEP - Main Street Electrical Parade
MV3D - Jim Henson's Muppet*Vision 3D
MVMCP - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party
MYW - Magic Your Way ticket

NoJ - Night of Joy

OKW - Disney's Old Key West Vacation Club Resort
OPR - Old Port Royale (at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort)

PAP - Premium Annual Pass
PH - Planet Hollywood (at Downtown Disney)
PH - Park Hopper
PHP - Park Hopper Plus
PI - Pleasure Island (part of Downtown Disney)
PIAP - Pleasure Island Annual Pass
PO - Disney's Port Orleans Resort
PoC - Pirates of the Caribbean
Poly - Disney's Polynesian Resort
PotC - Pirates of the Caribbean
PP - PassPorter or PhotoPass
PPWDW - PassPorter Walt Disney World travel guide
PPDCL - PassPorter's Disney Cruise Line travel guide PS - Priority Seating (now "Advance Dining Reservations")

Q - Queue (line)

RADP - rec.arts.disney.parks
R&C - Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot
Ressie - Reservation
RFC - Rainforest Cafe
RRBC - Rock-N-Roll Beach Club
RnRC - Rock 'N' Roller Coaster

SB - Stormalong Bay (theme pool at the Yacht and Beach Club)
SE - Spaceship Earth
SM - Splash Mountain
SM - Space Mountain
SOG - Shades of Green Resort
SplM - Splash Mountain
SS - Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
ST - Star Tours

TDL - Toyko Disneyland
TDS - The Disney Store
TL - Typhoon Lagoon
TLS - The Living Seas (now "The Seas with Nemo & Friends")
TM - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
TMK - Magic Kingdom
ToT - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
TR = Trip Report
TSI - Tom Sawyer Island
TT - Test Track
TTC - Transportation and Ticket Center

UoE - Universe of Energy
UMP - Unlimited Magic Pass (now "Magic Your Way" tickets)

V&A's- Victoria and Albert's
VB - Disney Vacation Club Vero Beach Resort
VMCP - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party
VotLM - Voyage of the Little Mermaid

WDC - Walt Disney Company
WDW - Walt Disney World
WDWRR - Walt Disney World Railroad
WoD - World of Disney Store
WL - Wilderness Lodge Resort
WoL - Wonders of Life
WS - World Showcase (at Epcot)
WS - West Side (at Downtown Disney)
WWS or WWoS - Disney's Wide World of Sports

Y&BC - Yacht Club Resort and Beach Club Resort
YC - Yacht Club Resort

Emoticons (Smileys) - You won't see these old-fashioned text-based smileys too often anymore, but here they are just in case you do!
:) = smile
;) = wink
:D = big smile
:< = pout
:( = frown
:'( = crying
};> = devil
0;V = angel
{{{}}} = hug
:* = kiss
:x = lips are sealed
:p = sticking out tongue

How do I use Special Interest Groups?
PassPorter's Special Interest Groups are intended as a way to bring together like-minded members who share similar passions. All groups are open to all members and are listed here:
List of Special Interest Groups

Participation: Once you've joined a group (just click on the group name and click the Join Group link in the upper right corner), you're welcome to post a message introducing yourself and your interest in the group. Members are welcome to use the Group Messages feature to discuss amongst themselves, but we still encourage group members to use our forums for more involved discussions as they are likely to draw better exchanges. Group members are also free to link in appropriate photos from their personal photo albums. Remember that all Special Interest Groups -- and their members, photos, and messages -- are public

Creation: Only Guides and administrators may create new groups to ensure they meet our guidelines. A good group is one that covers a pretty narrow topic and isn't already represented by a specific forum in our message boards. The idea is to bring together members with similar, specific interests. For example, "Saratoga Springs DVC Owners" is a good example of a special interest group.

Moderation: All groups will be assigned a PassPorter Guide who will keep an eye on it and be available if the group members need assistance. We also encourage the person who requested the group to be an unofficial leader to the members of the group, but this person will not have any official duties.

What is a PassPorter Guide (Moderator)?
PassPorter Guides (also known as moderators) are recruited and trained to encourage other members of the community to contribute to our message boards and/or chats, and to help make our community a friendly, welcoming place. Guides often welcome members and answer questions, and in message boards they may create new topics and post announcements, though there is no requirement that they do so. If there is a problem or concern in a particular forum or chat, the Guide is the person to ask about it.

Each forum has at least one Guide assigned to it, and their name(s) are listed in the far right column on the main page, or under the forum name in each forum. You can learn more about the Guides at our PassPorter Guide Bios forum. Guides may also host scheduled chats, and are able to informally monitor chat rooms during unhosted, open chats.

Guides are volunteers, not employees nor staff of PassPorter Travel Press (with the exception of Jennifer and Dave, of course). Guides generously contribute their time and effort to make the PassPorter Community a fun place to be!

If you are interested in becoming a PassPorter Guide, we ask that members be at least 18 years of age, have at least 500 message board posts to their credit, and have been active in our community for at least six months. A positive, helpful attitude and good communication skills are also needed. If you meet these requirements and wish to become a PassPorter Guide, please fill out the application below and e-mail it to,, and Please note that we receive a huge amount of mail, so we may not be able to get back to you immediately, nor can we guarantee a spot as a PassPorter Guide.

========== PassPorter Guide Application ==========



E-mail Address:

Member Name:

Mailing Address:


Date you joined our community:

Number of posts made as of today:

If you are interested in being a forum Guide (moderator), please provide links to three of your posts you feel are indicative of your contributions to our community:

If you are interested in being a forum Guide (moderator), are you able to check the message boards on a daily basis (barring illness or vacations)?

If you are interested in being a chat Guide (host), are you able to host a chat on the same day and at the same time each week (barring illness of vacations)? If so, what days/times work best for you?

What forum and/or chats are you interested in becoming a Guide for? Please list your top 2-3 choices.

Please provide the name of two members of the community who would be willing to recommend you (you may indicate other PassPorter Guides if you wish):

Are you a past or current moderator or chat host on any other online community?

Are you willing to participate in and complete our Guide Orientation course?

Are you willing to keep in touch with other Guides in our private forum?

Why do you want to be a PassPorter Guide?

Why do you feel you would make a good PassPorter Guide?


Thanks! Please send your application to,, and

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 06:20 PM.


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