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Her Dotness 11-04-2018 12:03 PM

Owner renting additional points?
I saw some owners say on other forums that they sometimes rent more points to be able to go annually without borrowing. They did this for a longer stay, upgrading to a 1br+, or to stay at a “splurge” resort, they said. One or two said they’d done it to be able to try out a CC cabin or Poly bungalow for a night.

Even if entirely at your home resort, that would have to be a split stay, right? Two different owners’ points would be separate reservations you’d have to hope you could book in sequence unless you maybe wanted a few days between to go elsewhere, Universal perhaps.

Sounds complicated. Seems easier to me to restrain that impulse, bank points and go every other year instead.

Maybe I don’t get how this is appealing because I’m not understanding how it works to one’s advantage other than avoiding the odd-point leftover from borrowing that you then must deal with somehow. After all, you’re paying out more for one-use points with fewer benefits than you may have from your own. :confused:

Anybody up for explaining this one? Ever done it yourself?

tjkraz 11-08-2018 12:34 PM

If there is an actual transfer of points occurring, then they can all be combined to book a single stay. If the reservation is made more than 7 months out, obviously they must all share the same Home resort.

For a standard rental, one option would be to book some nights with the owner's points and other nights with the rented points. Then DVC can "link" the two reservations together to insure an uninterrupted stay.

A split stay at different resorts would also be an option as you describe.

We've always used banking and borrowing to manage our points usage. More often that not we're in a borrowed state. Personally I don't care if we stay borrowed until the day our contracts expire. There's no cost associated with the borrowing process--we don't pay interest or fees on the borrowing. And DVC limits borrowing to just one year--it's not like we're foolishly squandering 2022 points on a 2018 trip.

Everybody has their own bookkeeping methods but I've never seen the wisdom in paying extra $$$ to rent or buy points when I still have some available to borrow.

Her Dotness 11-08-2018 03:04 PM

Thanks, Tim. That’s pretty much how I guessed it might work but didn’t know that DVC would link for a continuous stay.

I agree that borrowing seems more sensible.

Was a) curious how such a thing might work and b) wondering how there was any advantage to it. Bank/borrow strikes me as preferable.

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