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Cam22 08-17-2008 05:18 PM

Cam22's Guide Bio
Hi folks,

I am Cam and I am so excited to be to assisting my fellow PassPorters as a co-guide in The Darkroom, Sharing the Adventures: Walt Disney World Trip Reports, Globetrotting: General Trip Reports, The Library and The Porch. I have lived in northwestern Kentucky right on the Ohio River for over 28 years now and love the passing of the seasons in our beautiful community. :love: I am a high school English teacher as well as department coordinator and writing leader.

My husband Luke and daughter Stefanie truly :love: all things Disney. Luke and I made our first trip to the World while in college, but unfortunately :( not together. I had wanted to go to Disneyland as a little girl, but it was never financially feasible for my parents. Then when Disney World opened my two sisters and I begged for many years to go, but my parents were deterred by the heat. So when Spring Break 1980 arrived and I had the money to make a Florida trip, Disney World was at the top of my list. :D I still feel the same awe and excitement every time I walk through the gates and stroll down Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom. :woot: :woot:

Stefanie did not make her first trip until 1997. She is a truly special kid, having been born with a genetic disorder that keeps her small (only 43 inches tall). But her heart is huge and every single day of the year, except for the two weeks we’re at WDW, she wakes up saying, “I’m ready for Disney, Mom!” She kept all three of us seeing the World through the eyes of a child. That’s a treasure I never wanted to lose, but unfortunately, Stefanie left this world in April of 2012, having made 12 trips to her beloved Disney World.

I discovered PassPorter in 2003 when we had the opportunity to take what we felt was the vacation of a lifetime, going deluxe at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I wondered then where this most useful travel guide had been all my life. I joined the community when I noticed the website in my 2004 edition as we planned our very first visit home as DVC members. And then I found the friendliest community around. People here are truly the best as everyone is welcoming, informative, and sympathetic.

I enjoy helping in The Darkroom because I still consider myself a student in photography. Over 12 years ago I was asked to serve as yearbook advisor at the high school where I teach. I took the challenge and in the process discovered that I loved taking photos with the old manual 35mm cameras the staff was provided. Not all of them were good, but I just kept practicing. In the next few years the staff purchased several new digital cameras, beginning first with small ones that took decent photos as long as light was sufficient and no one was moving. Next were advanced point and shoot. Even though I gave up the advisor position over 7 years ago, the love of photography as continued. Luke surprised me :oooo: a few years ago with a Sony Alpha 100 DSLR. It is so cool, but some of my photos still aren’t good. I have recently upgraded to a Sony Alpha 65 DSLR and proud to report that I've learned a lot about photography over the years. But I’m sure I’ll always be practicing at this art of photography.

I also help out in Sharing the Adventure: Walt Disney World Trip Reports. This may be my favorite forum as I feel this is where I really get to know our members as they retell their adventures inside "the bubble," we called WDW. :D The pre-trip reports full of plans and expectations enlighten me on how I might plan our own adventures, and every trip report allows me to vicariously return to WDW at any time of the year. Writing my own reports has preserved my family's vacation memories trip after trip, and Stefanie enjoys Mom's stories as we read them over and over. Because I love to read trip reports I also assist in Globetrotting: General Trip Reports where I am learning so much about travel all over the country and the world. Read both these forums always makes me want to travel. :)

The spot to introduce ourselves and celebrate our countdowns is The Porch where I assist all our members in getting to know each other a bit better. Finally, I get to be a librarian in The Library, a job I dreamed of holding when I grew up. I am an English teacher, and as a matter of course, I :love: to read. Actually, I :love: all kinds of stories whether written, oral, or visual. My family teases me that we'd have no family history if I didn't keep telling our stories over and over. I've never met a movie or TV show that was as good as the book, but they can come very close, and nothing is better than when the movie brings to life all the images in my head.

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