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Originally Posted by wvugrrrl View Post
So, it's like a Disney-sanctioned Mousefest?
And not trying to be a naysayer, but Disney already has a program similar to the type you're suggesting - their Shareholders. Shareholders pay a fee to join (by buying stocks), and then are invited to an annual Shareholders meeting where they learn about exclusive upcoming marketing, watch special presentations about new movies coming out, etc.

This is a "fan club"! The stcokholders aren't neccesarily "fans" but people interested in Disney's business aspect. You don't base your financial desisions solely on the fact that you enjoy WDW or Pixar movies (you might buy because your a fan but that's not ALL stockholders.) And the stockholder meetings aren't exactly conventions. It's a business meeting, yes, you find out what's coming up and see movie trailers and stuff but again, it's a BUSINESS MEETING.

Originally Posted by wvugrrrl View Post
That's actually kind of the purpose of "Viral" marketing campaigns. They're not big, and "in-your-face," and for the most part, casual observers of whatever's being marketed never even notice what's going on. Like a virus, they rely on few people to transmit the website, game, campaign, email, WHATEVER to other like-minded people. Hence, Amy bringing it to our attention, and then us Passporters (and other similar Disney-obsessed message boards) going bonkers with speculations!
DUH, That was my point! If it wasn't geared towards the big Disney fan it would not have been a "viral" campaign...honestly, if it was a video release don't you think they'ld want as big a buzz as possible. I think they are purposely trying bring in the life-long, deep Disney fan on this one and not "sally sue who sees it in Family Fun magazine and says 'Hmmm I'll put my e-mail in'". What I'm saying is they PURPOSELY did a viral campaign to get the attention of the true Disney fan. I wasn't questioning what a viral campaign is.
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