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I'm going to Disney World!

I haven't been able to say that since 2004, but there, I just said it!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!

I just today put a hold on a vacation package through a Disney specializing travel agency. The plans are just a skeleton right now, waiting for some flesh to be put on it.

11/8-12 4 nights at Pop Century standard room, with 4-day park hopper pass, including the Dining Plan and Magical Express MCO-WDW

11/12-16 4 night Very Merrytime Bahamian Disney Cruise on The Dream in a deluxe inside stateroom with magical porthole, visiting Nassau and Castaway Cay

That's really it right now. A little background on me -- I'm pretty familiar with Disney World . . . as it existed in 2004. I know that's going to sound crazy to all of you guys here. No, I didn't abandon my love of all things Disney. I've been listening to podcasts and watching videos since then. I simply went through a long period, from 2006 until 2013, when I did not have full-time permanent employment, so I never had the ability to take a paid vacation anywhere nor the financial wherewithal to go to Disneyworld. Since then, I've used my vacations to visit family in the Philippines and to travel to Europe with my parents, having never been to Europe. But this year, I'm going to use some of the money I've been saving the past several years to finally reintroduce myself to the most magical place on earth and its associated boats. I've read and heard on podcasts how wonderful Disney cruises are, and have always wanted to go on one. I'm also susceptible to illness so have been hesitant to go on other companies' cruises due to all the stories of illnesses on them (Disney has never seemed to have these problems, which I chalk up to their heightened attention to cleanliness).

So my focus for the land portion of the trip, since I have only one day per park, plus maybe a few extra hours if I finish one of them early, will be on rides/attractions that were not there (or were there but have been totally changed) in 2004. I do not do thrill rides. (Part of my medical situation is that my endocrine system basically doesn't work. One aspect of that is that my pituitary gland does not stimulate the adrenal glands to produce their hormones -- cortisone and adrenaline. The latter of those is what allows people to survive those. I once rode Tower of Terror and nearly passed out afterward. Since then I've decided thrill rides are simply not for me.) This is why Disney is the only theme parks I go to -- I simply don't see the point in paying $50+ to go to an amusement park where I will be unable to enjoy 40% of the offered attractions/rides. (I think the most "thrilling" attractions I am up for are things like Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom, Star Tours at Studios, or Stitch at Magic Kingdom, which don't really involve the kind of motions that require adrenaline.)

I intend to buy the live guides on this site and then print stuff out to put in my travel pouch (an 8.5 x 11 plastic document holder with snaps where I put travel stuff on trips I take, such as airline reservations, my TSA pre-check letter, etc.) or in a small binder.

So, I would love any suggestions for must-dos, must-experiences for this trip. I don't know whether the second weekend in November would be too early to expect the Christmas stuff to be going on (Mickey's Very Merry, Candlelight Processional, etc.), but would love to do them if they are. I saw the Candlelight Processional and loved it. (So much so that, as a cantor in my local church, I found sheet music for "Il est né," a French carol I heard at the Candlelight Processional and subsequently did it with my organist as an English/French duet prior to Mass on Christmas Eve)

I am buying the dining plan, and hope to do late character breakfasts as "brunch" for my daily table service meal. (My last trip, I did this even without the dining plan -- I would have a pastry at the hotel food court in the morning with some juice, then go ride some rides and then go to a late seating at Crystal Palace or Chef Mickey's for breakfast, finding them already putting out some lunch items so I could make it "brunch")

So, that's the outline of the trip -- send the suggestions please for how to make this a truly magical reintroduction to WDW! I can't wait! Between now and then, I hope to see the University of Connecticut women's basketball team win its twelfth national championship in Columbus this April!

sorry this is so long, but if you've stayed with me this far, I look forward to your advice.

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