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How do you buy your spices???

So DH and I went to the store last night since we needed just a few things including thyme.

We have been getting most of our spices from the bulk/natural food section for the last several years. Just seem to be fresher and better. I also knew they were cheaper, but I had never done the math. Anyway, last night I did the math and I nearly hit the floor!!!!

Thyme from the bulk section:
$15.79 a POUND.
We bought enough to fill our spice jar (holds about same as prepackaged jars)
Cost us 79 cents!

Prepackaged jar (on sale) $3.99
Cost per OUNCE $4.99
Works out to $79.84 per pound!!!!!!!!!!

Prepackaged jar (not on sale) $6.85
Cost per OUNCE $9.13
Works out to $146.08 per pound!!!!!!!!!!

So obviously the lesson here is...always look at the actual cost per unit (pound, ounce, etc) and don't be afraid to shop in parts of the store you may have avoided for some silly reason. We paid 80-90% less in the bulk aisle than out of the spice aisle!!!!!!!!!

DH also used the bulk section to make up his own trail mix combo...tailored to exactly what he wanted. He probably ended up with at least 10 cups...cost him around $5 (and he likes some of the pricey stuff). I don't have exactly numbers on that, mainly because he was adding more stuff to his trail mix tub to fill it back up. Gonna have to try to get him to start from scratch and see what it actually costs.
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