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Just the Two of Us TR

Just the Two of Us TR

We were so excited to be taking this trip, just the two of us! It had been over 4 years since we’d been to Disney without adult kids or our granddaughter. It is, of course, lots of fun to travel with others and especially to see the magic through our granddaughter’s eyes, but it was time for us to have a trip alone!

The background is all in my PTR, so I’ll start right in…

The cast of characters is my DH and I, AKA Jeff and Donna. We love Disney vacations, and have stayed at Value, Moderate and, since buying into DVC, Deluxe resorts. We enjoy visiting the parks, riding the attractions, meeting characters, and of course, eating at Disney restaurants!

This was going to be a short trip, only 4 nights, so we wanted to pack a lot into it, and I think we accomplished that!

I didn’t take notes; just jotted down what we did when we got back to the resort for the night. Hopefully that, along with our photos will jog my memory.

So, here we go!

January 22 – Arrival Day

We were awakened at 5:30AM by a text from Southwest saying our flight time was changed. Instead of 9:50 it was 10:35. So, we took our time, I showered while Jeff ate breakfast. We packed our last minute items, and I texted my brother who was picking us up, to say he could come 45 minutes later. At 7:55 I was eating my breakfast while reading the paper, and I got another text from SW saying that our flight time had changed. I sighed at first, thinking another delay, but it was changed back to the original time! Now we had to scramble a bit to get ready! Jeff hopped in the shower and I ate the rest of my breakfast, packed the newspaper in my carry-on, and did the dishes. We were all ready by the time my brother arrived to pick us up at 8:25.

We got to the airport at 8:50 and were printing our luggage tags at the do-it-yourself kiosk when a SW employee came over to assist. We asked about the time change and he told us the original plane was not available. They brought in another plane, but it was smaller. He told us they were looking for volunteers to take a later flight. They were offering $300 plus the original cost of the ticket. Tempting, but we were not interested. :

We both had TSA pre check so we breezed through security and got to our gate at 9:05. The plane was not there yet. I walked back to Tim Horton’s to get a cup of ˝ coffee ˝ French Vanilla Cappuccino. The plane had arrived by the time I was back, and I was just finishing my coffee when they started lining passengers up for boarding.

IMG_9150 (640x427)

We had high Bs, so there were quite a few people on before us. We walked more than half way back and finally found two seats together, an aisle and a middle seat, so we grabbed those. We took off by 10:00 and after an uneventful flight, landed at 12:30.

We got to the lower level and after a restroom stop, we made our way to DME and were directed to line 8. No time to even take a photo of the empty queue lines, as we were immediately let through and allowed to board the bus! We left MCO at 1:00 and pulled into Old Key West at 1:30.

IMG_9151 (640x427)

IMG_9153 (640x427)

Next up: Will our room be ready before we want to head out??
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