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Earful tower moving to Disney Springs?

It certainly sounds plausible but I just don't know. It would make sense on one hand - they already have a water tower, why build another - but on the other hand it doesn't. Either I have a faulty memory or this guy is talking about something that hasn't been happening.

Based on the amount of recycling we’ve seen from Walt Disney Imagineering the last few years with larger props from extinct attractions, I can imagine a scenario where the Disney Springs water tower is built from the remains of the Earful Tower.
The only things I remember being mentioned as being recycled were some of the animatronics from Snow White but that's been done before supposedly (I guess some of the animatronics in Splash Mountain are from Disneyland Sings or whatever the carousel show was they had in DL). I don't remember anything else as being recycled - and not "larger props"
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