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Forums Closed
As of January 1, 2019, we have closed our forums. This is a decision we did not come to lightly, but it is necessary. The software our forums run on is just too out-of-date and it poses a significant security risk. The server software itself must be updated, and it cannot be without removing the forums.

So it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our long-running forums. They came online in 2000 and brought together so many wonderful Disney fans. We had friendships form, careers launch, couples marry, children born ... all because of this amazing community.

Thank you to each of you who were a part of this community. You made it possible.

And a very special thank you to our Guides (moderators), past and present, who kept our forums a happy place to be. You are the glue that held everything together, and we are forever grateful to you. Thank you aliceinwdw, Caldercup, MrsM, WillCAD, Fortissimo, GingerJ, HiddenMickey, CRCrazy, Eeyoresmom, disneyknut, disneydani, Cam22, chezp, WDWfan, Luvsun, KMB733, rescuesk, OhToodles!, Colexis Mom, lfredsbo, HiddenMickey, DrDolphin, DopeyGirl, duck addict, Disneybine, PixieMichele, Sandra Bostwick, Eeyore Tattoo, DyanKJ130, Suzy Q'Disney, LilMarcieMouse, AllisonG, Belle*, Chrissi, Brant, DawnDenise, Crystalloubear, Disneymom9092, FanOfMickey, Goofy4Goofy, GoofyMom, Home4us123, iamgrumpy, ilovedisney247, Jennifer2003, Jenny Pooh, KrisLuvsDisney, Ladyt, Laughaholic88, LauraBelle Hime, Lilianna, LizardCop, Loobyoxlip, lukeandbrooksmom, marisag, michnash, MickeyMAC, OffKilter_Lynn, PamelaK, Poor_Eeyore, ripkensnana, RobDVC, SHEANA1226, Shell of the South, snoozin, Statelady01, Tara O'Hara, tigger22, Tink and Co., Tinkerbelz, WDWJAMBA, wdwlovers, Wendyismyname, whoSEZ, WildforWD, and WvuGrrrl. You made the magic.

We want to personally thank Sara Varney, who coordinated our community for many years (among so many other things she did for us), and Cheryl Pendry, our Message Board Manager who helped train our Guides, and Ginger Jabour, who helped us with the PassPorter-specific forums and Live! Guides. Thank you for your time, energy, and enthusiasm​. You made it all happen.

There are other changes as well.

Why? Well, the world has changed. And change with it, we must. The lyrics to "We Go On" for IllumiNations say it best:

We go on to the joy and through the tears
We go on to discover new frontiers
Moving on with the current of the years.
We go on
Moving forward now as one
Moving on with a spirit born to run
Ever on with each rising sun.
To a new day, we go on.

It's time to move on and move forward.

PassPorter is a small business, and for many years it supported our family. But the world changed, print books took a backseat to the Internet, and for a long time now it has been unable to make ends meet. We've had to find new ways to support our family, which means new careers and less and less time available to devote to our first baby, PassPorter.

But eventually, we must move on and move forward. It is the right thing to do.

So we are retiring this newsletter, as we simply cannot keep up with it. Many thanks to Mouse Fan Travel who supported it all these years, to All Ears and MousePlanet who helped us with news, to our many article contributors, and -- most importantly -- to Sara Varney who edited our newsletter so wonderfully for years and years.

And we are no longer charging for the Live Guides. If you have a subscription, it's yours to keep for the lifetime of the Live Guides at no additional cost. The Live Guides will stay online, barring server issues and technical problems, for all of 2019.

That said, PassPorter is not going away. Most of the resources will remain online for as long as we can support them, and after that we will find ways to make whatever we can available. PassPorter means a great deal to us, and to many of you, and we will do our best to keep it alive in whatever way we can. Our server costs are high, and they'll need to come out of our pockets, so in the future you can expect some changes so we can bring those costs down.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing support over the years. Without you, there's no way us little guys could have made something like this happen and given the "big guys" a run for their money. PassPorter was consistently the #3 guidebook after the Unofficial and Official guides, which was really unheard of for such a small company to do. We ROCKED it thanks to you and your support and love!

If you miss us, you can still find some of us online. Sara started a new blog at DisneyParkPrincess.com -- I strongly urge you to visit and get on her mailing list. She IS the Disney park princess and knows Disney backward and forward. And I am blogging as well at JenniferMaker.com, which is a little craft blog I started a couple of years ago to make ends meet. You can see and hear me in my craft show at https://www.youtube.com/c/jennifermaker . Many PassPorter readers and fans are on Facebook, in groups they formed like the PassPorter Trip Reports and PassPorter Crafting Challenge (if you join, just let them know you read about it in the newsletter). And some of our most devoted community members started a forum of their own at Pixie Dust Lane and all are invited over.

So we encourage you to stay in touch with us and your fellow community members wherever works best for you!

Best wishes for a wonderful and magical new year!

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Jennifer Marx
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Updated Travel Agent Participation and Rules (Travel Agents: Read and Agree/Disagree)

Travel Agent Participation for PassPorter.com

In order to continue participating as a travel agent in our community, we require that you read this statement and our updated rules below, and post a reply in this thread indicating that you agree to abide by these statements and rules by March 14, 2011. If you do not reply with your agreement by this date, your community access will be restricted until you contact us (contact information below). If you choose to disagree, please remove your travel agent affiliation from your signature, profile, and other locations on PassPorter.com, and act in accordance with rule #1 below.

The PassPorter message board community exists for the benefit of PassPorter Travel Press and its community. From the beginning we've always sought to curb commercial activity in order to provide a welcoming and comforting environment to our members. We also recognize that the expertise of professional travel agents can be an asset to the PassPorter membership. We allow and encourage agents representing many agencies to participate openly in this community, so long as they can abide by the posted community guidelines. We believe the agents' business is enhanced by their helpful, non-commercial behavior, which allows them to exhibit their expertise, and to interact socially with a community of potential clients. Our members benefit from the quality of help and information provided, and many friendships have been born. We have long enjoyed a situation where agents from many different agencies participate in a low-key, non-aggressive, and collegial manner, to the benefit of our membership and the participating agents and agencies.

Due to the overly aggressive activities of some travel agents, we've had to revisit and clarify our guidelines in order to return our community to the kind of atmosphere we desire. A travel agent's job may be to sell travel, but our job at PassPorter is to create a comfortable place where our members can discuss their travels without feeling aggressively solicited or like they are in the cross-fire of travel agent wars.

This message board community is owned and operated by PassPorter Travel Press, which is a business. Any business is free to operate an online community and web site for its benefit. However, there is no obligation on the part of a private business to operate its community for the benefit of any other business -- that is solely at the discretion of those who operate the community.

This community is PassPorter's "home," and we expect you to behave as a good guest in our home. Guests do not badmouth or undermine their hosts in their hosts' homes, and have the courtesy to refrain from doing so elsewhere. Guests do not challenge the authority of their hosts to maintain order within their homes.

All new agents in our community, whether existing or new members, must agree to these guidelines prior to participating in a professional capacity.

A member who conceals his/her travel agent status, yet pursues travel business and/or related activities in the PassPorter community, will be considered to be in violation of our our guidelines, and will lose his/her membership in the community.


Travel Agent Rules for PassPorter.com
Updated 3/14/2012

Here are the rules that we require travel agents abide by everywhere in the PassPorter community:

1. Travel Agent Identification Your message board signature must include the unlinked name of your travel agency and optionally one link to your web site in standardized, plain text at a size of 2 or smaller (no .com names if you choose to give only your agency name). Do not include additional information, slogans, or logo graphics related to your business in your signature. If you fail to divulge your business affiliation, and make posts that we consider to be promotional, your access will be restricted or removed in the same way we address any violation of our advertising and solicitation rules. If you decide not to participate in our community as a travel agent, but rather as a member, you must not post on PassPorter about your travel agent identity or participate in discussions in which travel agents are the subject. Please remember our advertising and solicitation guidelines apply to all members. Your message board profile and home page, and any other public manifestation of your identity that appears in this community, must be consistent with these guidelines.

2. Reciprocation If you place your travel agency link and/or e-mail address in your signature, but do not have an advertising relationship with PassPorter, you must reciprocate by placing a PassPorter.com link and/or graphic on the page that your signature links to. If we cannot find the PassPorter link and/or graphic on your linking page, we will remove your travel agent name and link from your signature at our discretion. If you have questions or concerns about implementing this requirement, contact message board Administrators Jennifer Marx and Dave Marx.

3. Rules and Guidelines Travel agents must abide by all other PassPorter rules and guidelines, wherever posted, with particular attention paid to guidelines governing Advertising, Netiquette, and Service and Business Discussions.

4. Promotional Activities Self-promotional activities, or promotional activities that benefit your travel agency, such as sending unsolicited private messages, sending unsolicited e-mail through the message board system, posting welcome messages on a members' profile, and any other use of the PassPorter message board facilities in a similar manner is strictly prohibited.

5. Professional Manner As professionals, we know that you will behave in a cooperative, purely non-commercial manner on our message boards. In that spirit, do not try to "one-up" another travel agent who has already replied to a member or posted a news announcement or other information.

6. Replying to Posts When you have new information to share, you may reply to member questions in our forums. If you do not have new information to share, refrain from replying. Do not post short messages such as, "Congratulations," "Yeah, that," "Me too," "Good Luck," etc. As your signature and profile contain your agency information, this will be considered a promotional activity.

7. Starting New Topics You are welcome to start new topics if you have information to share such as news from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, or the release of new discounts that are available to the public and can be obtained without the use of a travel agent. Do not, however, post about exclusive deals and rates only available through your agency and/or other agencies. That information should be communicated privately, to parties who have expressed a prior interest.

8. No Travel Agent Discussion Do not post replies to questions or comments to posts in which travel agents are the subject, such as the benefits of using travel agencies, the qualities (or lack thereof) of other travel agencies or agents, or any other travel agent-related topic in which a travel agent response could be construed as advertising or promotion. We prefer that our non-travel agent members discuss these topics amongst themselves. Additionally, do not monitor or "police" other travel agents and their ability to abide or not abide by these rules -- it is our job to monitor and enforce our guidelines.

9. Non-Client Communication Do not ask non-clients to contact you privately (i.e., via e-mail, private message, or phone) in public posts, unless they have publicly asked about establishing a client relationship with you. Potential clients must choose to contact you, with no encouragement on your part. You cannot withhold information from the public in order to encourage them to contact you privately, or direct them to your agency web site for further details.

10. Client Communication If a current client posts to discuss their existing or potential booking, or any other topic related to your client-agent relationship, reply to the client privately in a manner that works for you (e-mail, phone call, etc,). Post a public reply indicating that you are contacting the member privately, so we (and they) know that they are getting a response.

11. Client Relationships Do not reveal your client relationships to the public. This includes publicly thanking a client for using or endorsing your services, or revealing that you are the agent who had been thanked anonymously. These communications should be private.

12. Groups and Events Travel agents may not discuss their agent/agency-sponsored groups and events in our community without permission from the PassPorter administrators. Such discussions should take place in private or in the agent's own community. If a member asks a question about such an event in our community, you may post a reply indicating that you contacted the member privately, so we know that they are getting a response.

13. Recommendations Do not ask or encourage your clients to post about your travel agency or services, or any other travel agent or service, in the PassPorter community, or reward them for doing so. We consider this a form of advertising. If a client makes unsolicited posts about your travel agency or services, we still reserve the right to close, move, or remove the post(s) and any replies at our discretion.

14. Actions for Non-Compliance If you cannot follow the above guidelines, or we feel you are skirting our guidelines, your access to this community may be restricted or removed at PassPorter's sole discretion. PassPorter's interpretation of these guidelines is final, and attempts to stretch the meaning or interpretation of these rules to your benefit is not appropriate. For all intents and purposes, loopholes do not exist. We reserve the right to modify, move, or delete any travel agent-related post at our discretion and without recourse. If you disagree with our guidelines or philosophy, we encourage you to create your own community at your own site with your own set of guidelines.

Author of PassPorter guidebooks
Webmistress of PassPorter.com
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My Previous TripsWalt Disney World (100+ visits from 1983-2018), Disneyland Resort (19 visits from 1996-2018), Disney Cruise Line (21 cruises from 1999-2018), Disneyland Paris (1 visit in 2005), Disneyland Tokyo (1 visit in 1992)

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I agree to abide by these statements and rules. MSG
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My Previous TripsOKW Sept 2013, SSR June 2013, Dream Dec 2011, SSR June 2011, WL and Dream (x2) Jan 2011, Wonder Dec 2010, BLT Sept 2010, AKV Aug 2010, BLT May 2010, YC & BWI Nov 2009, AKV & Wonder Oct 2009, ASM June 2009, OKW Sept 2008, DLH Sept 2008, YC June 2008,Wonder & POR April 2008, Wonder & GF Dec 2007,BC Sept 2007, BWV July 2007, DLH & GC Feb 2007, AKL Oct 2006, POR and YC Aug 2006, SSR Jan 2006, WLV Sept 2005, BWV June 2005, POP and Disney Magic April 2005, OKW Dec 2004, CB Sept 2004, GF and Disney Magic May 2004, 1980-2003 Too Many Too List

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PassPorter Guide

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I agree to participate by these guidelines
My PassPorter Bookshelf
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I agree JCA
Jennifer Ajsenberg
Vacation Travel Consultant

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PassPorter Guide

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I agree - KAM
Mrs M - Co-Guide for Planning Your Adventure

Keri Madeira
MEI & Mouse Fan Travel, www.mousefantravel.com

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Read and agreed! My only link in my signature was my TA e-mail addy, but since I can't put anything in an e mail link about Passporter, I went ahead and removed it just to be safe and not cause trouble! Thanks again for the great boards!

My Countdown Counting down to: Brandon's 21st Birthday Celebration!
Home from the big trip
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I agree.
Thank you, Carol
Carol Gallo, Disney Cruise Line Travel Specialist - Carolgallo@themagicforless.com
The Magic For Less Travel
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Guide since 2003
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I agree


My Very first trip, June 1980
Ann PassPorter Co-Guide for:
The Sunroom, Ask the Travel Agent,
Touring the world.
& Going behind the scenes

My Countdown Counting down to: Shelby graduates from High School
Can't believe my BABY is graduating
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My Previous Trips1980-June, 1996-April,Sept,2000-Oct., 2001-Feb, Oct, 2002-March, Oct, 2003-March, Oct, 2004-Jan,July,Oct, 2005-May,Dec, March 2008- watching Jamie's HS band march at MK,March 2010-both boys march at MK, 2012 Brendan marches in SpectroMagic
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I agree to these rules/ statements. I have removed my email address from my signature until we can get an appropriate link on our website (which is in process).


Dawn: Travel Consultant with Ears to You Travel: dawn@earstoyoutravel.com

My Countdown Counting down to: What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
Mo and I celebrating strength and my new life.
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SEV - Agreed!
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MEI & Mouse Fan Travel

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Princess Dreamer
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I agree to follow the guidelines.

Cruising Co. and MouseEars Vacations
My PassPorter Bookshelf
My Previous Trips1972-1974 WDW Off-site 1975 WDW Contemporary 1976-1988 Off-site 2007- 10th Anniversary Trip- WDW All Star Music Resort 2008- 11th Annivesary Trip - Port Orleans Resort, Boardwalk Villas 2009- 12th - Anniversary Trip-September- Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Villlas (Conceirge), Caribbean Beach Resort, Grand Floridian, Disney Cruise Magic 2009 - December-Coronado Springs Resort
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I agree!
Jane Peters
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Agreed CNS
- Mom to Jacob (Jan '07) and Ella (Aug '10)
Disney Vacation Specialist

My Countdown Counting down to: Our Disneyland trip with 4 generations!
We're on Vacation!
My PassPorter Bookshelf
My Previous TripsDL 1989, DL 1992, DL 1997, DL 2003, WDW 2009, DCL 2009, DCL 2011, DL 2011, DL 2012
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Walt Disney World has become a touchstone for me, a constant in a world where everything changes. Again and again I have come back to this place, grounding myself, communing with all the people I've been.
My PassPorter Bookshelf
My Previous TripsWDW (always at monorail resorts) every 2 or 3 years from age 2 through high school; GF 1/1993; GF 2/2002; Poly 7/2002; GF 8/2003; CR 2/2010; GF & Poly 9/2010; CR 4/2011; Poly 9/2011; GF 10/2011; DCL 9/2012; CR 1/2013; AKL & Poly 1/2014; SS & GFV 9/2014
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Read and agreed. Removed TA info from signature pending a decision from my host agency.

~ Amy

My PassPorter Bookshelf
My Previous Trips7 wonderful childhood trips with my parents and sisters, staying @ my Great Aunt's home in Ocala; March 2001- One day trip to MK while visiting DH's Pap-Pap; Jan 2002-very belated honeymoon @CBR; Jan 2009-Celebrated DS#1's Gotcha Day and DH's B-Day @ AS-S & Pop; September 2010 AKV-Kidani; December 2010-POR/BLT Christmas extravaganza
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