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Hello!! My name is Kelly, and I am so thrilled to be a Guide in the Planning Your Adventure, Getting There (and Back!), Universal Studios Florida and IoA, Central Florida Attractions, Space Coast and Other Florida, and Checking Itineraries forums.

I live in Michigan with my DH, and it's amazing how many people we come across who don’t get our love for going to Disney "again." We have been fortunate enough to visit WDW each anniversary ever since our honeymoon in October 2005. As a result, we finally “got serious” several years ago and became DVC owners! Now we have the next 50 years of trying to explain it to everyone -- but that's why I love it here so much; you all already know!

However, when I'm not pouring over park hours, menus, airline schedules, or getting ready for ADRs, you'll usually find DH and I gaming (the MMO variety); watching TV (who doesn't love a good ghost hunt? ); biking or walking; or simply just hanging out with one of our many fur-kids (10-17-13: R.I.P. Jake, the best dog ever! We'll miss you so so much. *sniffle*).

All in all, though, I simply just enjoy daydreaming about Walt Disney World, but if you're here, I bet you do too!
My Previous TripsWDW Trips: May 2002 (4 Parks, 4 Days (w/the Macs) @ Days Inn Old Town) ♥ November 2003 (Camping w/the Macs @ FW) ♥ February 2004 (Girls Trip @ Days Inn Old Town) ♥ November 2005 (Honeymoon @ Sandals Jamaica & Hilton DTD) ♥ October 2006 (1st Annv. @ Hilton DTD & WL) ♥ November/December 2007 (2nd Annv. @ Hilton DTD) ♥ November 2008 (3rd Annv. @ Hilton DTD) ♥ September/October 2009 (4th Annv. @ SSR) ♥ February 2010 (Mom n' Me @ Buena Vista Palace DTD) ♥ October/November 2010 (5th Annv. @ AKL-Jambo, AKL-Kidani & BLT) ♥ November 2011 (6th Annv. @ AKL-Jambo & BWV) ♥ October/November 2012 (7th Annv. @ AKL-Jambo & BCV) ♥ October/November 2013 (8th Annv. @ OKW, AKL-Jambo & BWV) ♥ October 2014 (9th Annv. @ AKL-Jambo & BWV) ♥ November 2015 (10th Annv. @ AKL-Jambo)

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