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Eeyore Tattoo
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Does the weather affect you?

If I asked this before, Sorry, my memory is shot
When the weather gets cold it seems my Fibromyalgia hits me harder.
Pain levels are off the scale.. When its nice and warm the pain levels come down a bit, Unless I try doing stupid things like mow the lawn .
I wonder if anyone else experiences weather related changes?

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I had surgery on my hand and it is now arthritic. I can predict the weather with it - snow, rain, etc. It's awful!
Tracy (aka Coop)

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Left knee can tell when it's going to rain
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Lenny gets affected by the weather and with arthritis in his back, hips and knees, it's not a pretty sight either.

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Same with my arthritis..............I am really in pain (sometimes can barely walk) the day before rain or snow.....but on the day of the storm not as bad as the prior day. In the summer high humidity levels bother me too.
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Cold weather affects me. I have lowers back pain and arthrist in both hips. For me it is a nightmare sometimes. There is no medications that help me.

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Old 01-27-2013, 07:26 PM   #7
Sandra Bostwick
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I hate the cold. I'm always bundled up in layers. Carrying personal heaters can help alot!
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I think this is pretty common, especially with things like fibromyalgia and arthritis. I get pressure headaches before a big storm, and do feel stiffer in cold weather. A hot shower each morning loosens things up, and I am religious about taking anti-inflammatories when I am hiking around WDW. A float in the pool at the end of the day can help take the pressure off bum knees too.

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