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hhawkins 06-14-2010 09:49 AM

Arkansas Family 7-Night Frist Blast in Disney (A Trip Report)
First Disney Trip Ever (June 4-12, 2010)

Planning and Introductions

Let me start with an introduction. I am the planner in the group, Heath. I was on the board, reading the books and making all the plans for our trip. I picked the trip date and park dates, even made the final selections and reservation for dining. Also on the trip would be my wife Candi, our two sons Jaron (4 yrs) and Clay (2 yrs), Mom Audrey (who paid for the trip—resort, tickets, flight) and my younger sister Sarah.

This would be the first trip to Disney for all except my wife who had gone MANY years ago. My family always wanted to go, but could never seem to find the money when we were all at home. My father passed away last year and my dear mom said, she would not waste another year. She was going to take her grandbabies to Disney.

We selected the days June 6-12 as out trip in hopes that we would beat the height of the summer crowds and maybe the July heat.

After much discussion we selected Port Orleans French Quarter as our resort. It was my first choice from the start and everyone else came to the same decision. We made our room reservation in October on 2009. We would be in two rooms and requested a connecting room, close to the mail building.

I book our flight in December for AirTran through CheapO’Air. We reserved round trip with 5 seats (littlest one was a lap passenger) for $1,200. I thought we did pretty well.

We also made all our dining reservations between 170-180 days out and had no problems getting what we wanted.

I will review everything we did day-by-day in my report. I hope you will keep checking back and reading to see how our very first Disney trip went.

hhawkins 06-14-2010 10:15 AM

June 4, 2010 (Leaving Home)

This is a Friday and the day we will be leaving for of first ever trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. Everyone worked today and we will be leaving tonight after work.

I doubt any of us was very productive today. I only worked a couple hours in the morning then headed home to finish packing and loading the van. There would be 6 people only the trip in one van. Two would be in car seats so we knew it would be tight, but you do what you have to do.

We bought a new double stroller for the trip and a luggage bag for the top of the van. It was a challenge to get it up there, but had not other choices.

Once all the luggage and people were stuffed into the van we were off on our first big adventure. Now let be start with this. We live in NE Arkansas, but the cheapest plane tickets we found were out of St. Louis. So we were headed on a 4-5 hour trip to St. Louis. We would arrive at our hotel for the night at midnight. The Airport Ramada was not my ideal of a great room. The hotel was older, and the lobby was musty. However, the room had been remodeled and was okay. Besides, we would only be there for a couple hours. We would be leaving our van there for the week and scheduled a 5:30 a.m. hotel shuttle for the airport.

We were all so wired that we did not get much sleep that night. When we got downstairs for our shuttle we realized we were in trouble. There was a group of 20 scheduled at the same time. The hotel only had 1 mini van. Needless to say, we had our concerns. They called neighbor hotels for help and finally we got to the airport by 6:45. Out flight left at 7:45 and we were concerned.

It was all for nothing. We got through security fine and all was well. Found a bit to eat in the airport and boarded the flight.

Now, I realize that I have already made it into Day 2, but really the trip does not start until we get there, so I will go ahead and cover the flight out.

Our first flight from St. Louis to Atlanta went pretty smooth. The kids were a little restless, but so were we. None of us are experienced air travelers and all were anxious. My mom was the worst. She was so nervous and taken so much medication, she was loopy.

We arrived in Atlanta and had almost no time to rest. Our second leg was already loading when we arrived.

Since we had booked through CheapO’ Air we did not get to choose out seats and that made us anxious as well. However, out Atlanta to Orlando leg was a great surprise. We had been bumped to Business Class. Much nicer seat with lots of room and even better snacks.

The fight was over booked and AirTran was offering 2 round trip tickets anywhere they flew from someone who would wait for the next flight. I was tempted, but off we went.

Couple Diet Cokes and a bag of chips later we were landing in Orlando. This is where I will stop for now and pick up with the first day for our DISNEY TRIP. Yea!!!!

KMB733 06-14-2010 10:18 AM

Great Start!

Colexis Mom 06-14-2010 11:07 AM

Great start Heath!

hhawkins 06-14-2010 12:36 PM

Day 1 - POFQ Resort & DTD
June 6, 2010 – Day 1

We finally made it to Orlando Florida. Now we are not at all experienced travelers. Only my wife and I had been on an airplane before. So we were not sure what to do when we landed. All we knew is that we had to find the Disney Magical Express.

We looked for signs in the terminal, but found none. So we just followed the people who ended up at a monorail. Wow! This would be like a bonus Disney ride we had not expected. We asked a many who worked at the airport and he said it would take us to the mail terminal, so we got on.

Once off we still had no idea were to go. We still did not see any signs. After asking several people, we finally found our way to the location of the Magical Express, checked in and directed to the line for the POFQ. The line was very short and when we got on, we almost had the bus to ourselves. There were only two other families making this trip with us. I remember making a mental note of the low numbers and hoping that was a sign that the crowds at Disney World would also be smaller than I expected. Looking back, they were smaller than I thought they would be.

The ride to the POFQ was longer than I expected. Not knowing the area, I did not even know what I was looking at along the way. Did I ever even see Orlando? Can someone tell me.

Finally the time had come and the driver announced that we should get our camera ready as we were about to enter into those famed Disney gates. We were moving so fast that I did not get a good picture. But that was okay.

The others on the bus got off at the Old Key West Resort and ours was the next stop. The POFQ was more than I expected. The grounds are so pretty. A bellman helps us with our bags and we were off to check in. I had done the online check-in so everything was waiting and ready for us. We had requested connecting rooms, and that is what we received. We were in building 4, which was right next to the main building and the closest one to the bus stop. We were in rooms 2335 and 4336. One was a corner and had two windows, which was very nice. My only complainant was that there was only one elevator per building set and it was not very close to our room. We needed to use it with the stroller, so it made our walk a little more each day.

When we opened our door, we were so pleased. The pictures on the internet really do not do justice. It was so nice. Some had mentioned that the rooms seemed dated, but I did not feel that way at all. It was perfect.

Plenty space for the amount of time we would spend in the room. It was so nice to have the fridge, and the added touch of the curtain that closed off the sink area was a really nice touch. Almost seemed to add a private space.

There was a Mickey towel outline on one bed when we arrived, which was very nice. Also, there was a bounce-back card on the table. I had herd many people talk about the bounce-back, but I honestly think that everyone at POFQ got it. Every open window I walked by had one on the table. Actually, the offer it gave was the same offer that we booked with – 30% off a moderate resort. Wish we could have booked again before we left, but just not in the budget right now.

After settling in we went to the dining room for a late lunch. Were are on the basic dining plan and this would be our first counter service.

One word of advice. When it come to counter service, as long as they do not know you are ordering for a child, it does not matter. Counter service adult and kids meals count the same on the plan. If they know it is for a child, they insist you get a kids meal. If an adult just orders, they all count the same in the computer. We always ordered three adult CS meals rather than 2 Adult and 1 Child, that way there would be plenty to share with our 2 year old who was not on the plan. All worked out fine in the end.

I had a Bacon Double Cheese Burner, and my wife and kids had Pizza and Spaghetti. Both were very good. I especially came to love the fries at the resort. We also bought one of the mugs and refilled it every chance we got all week. It was so worth the $13.

After lunch my boys needed a nap and so we went back to the room. My mom and sister headed to Downtown Disney for so shopping before a late dinner we would join them for at Kouzzina by Cat Cora.

The boys slept and Candi and I looked over our plans for the week. Finally at about 6 p.m. we changed clothes and headed to DTD. This would be our first experience on Disney transportation. The bus arrived very quickly and we arrived at Hollywood Studios to get on the boat for DTD. HS was my first time to see a park, though we would not be back here until Thursday, it was exciting to see the water tower and the TOT. I was really excited now. The kids loved the boat ride and the Boardwalk was magical. There was a lot of action going on. We passed a juggler and a magician on our way to eat. While waiting to get in we went into the candy shop to scope out the potential goodies we could have all week, though we resisted for the time.

We got to our table just after our 8 p.m. reservation time. Our waiter came right over to take drink orders. My sister asked about the light-up ice cubes which he put in her drink even though it was just a coke. She was so excited.

We all ordered. My mom and I ordered the lamb shank. I thought it was great. So tender that I did not ever use a knife. My mom did not like it at all and our waiter was very attentive. The chef came out and the ended up preparing her a new steak dish at no charge. My sister ordered a sample type platter that had three different items on it. One was a lamb slider, one was chicken and one was a pasta dish. She hated the slider, so I ate it. She did like to other two. My wife ordered a pasta dish that had cinnamon in it. I thought it was strange, but she thought it was okay.

Dessert were all pretty good. We ordered different things and shared. We tried the cookies, the chocolate cake, and the donuts. I have to be honest and say that I think my some hot fudge Sunday was the best.

I am happy we went here. It was very different for us and a good experience. I guess our tastes are just to simple as it was a bit to exotic for us. We were on the DDP, so price was not a issue.

After dinner we had to navigate the busses back to the resort. It was late and HS had been closed for a while so we were going to catch a bus to MK and switch to a bus for our resort. However, we were the only ones on the MK bus and so the driver just took us right to our resort.

When we got back to the resort, it was time to crash. The next day promised to be a full day, and we needed to rest.

Day 1 Ratings:

POFQ Resort -- Excellent
POFQ Dining Hall – Good
Kouzzia – Average (Ok to do 1 time)
Disney Transportation – Good

hhawkins 06-14-2010 12:46 PM

Thanks, I am so excited I can't type it fast enough.


Originally Posted by KMB733 (Post 3313978)
Great Start!

buckinghammr 06-14-2010 01:05 PM

Great start! Can't wait until everyone meets Mickey!

mcc0313 06-14-2010 01:10 PM

Great start :D

elisa1006 06-14-2010 02:14 PM

Great start!

My first thought, was why did you bus to DHS to go to DTD when POFQ has their own boat to DTD. But then I realized I think you meant you took the boat to the boardwalk!

Glad you enjoyed your meal. Looking forward to your first day in the parks!~

Colexis Mom 06-14-2010 02:17 PM

Another great update! :D

chezp 06-14-2010 02:19 PM

Great start! :waytogo:

MickeyMAC 06-14-2010 03:28 PM

Great trip report. Looking forward to reading more.

HollyH 06-14-2010 04:37 PM

Glad to see you've started at TR, Heath. Good start....can't wait to read more.

minnie025us 06-14-2010 04:43 PM

Yeah you started your trip report :D Can't wait to hear how it all went :D

sc507 06-14-2010 05:32 PM

Glad you're doing a TR! Looking forward to your next update :)

mojjo 06-14-2010 07:46 PM

First trips are so much fun I wish we could do them more than once. You're off to a great start.

I live with a 'Stitch'! 06-15-2010 03:31 AM

Off to a great start! Can't wait to read about your family's reaction to your first park day! :)

hhawkins 06-15-2010 07:57 AM


Originally Posted by I live with a 'Stitch'! (Post 3314974)
Off to a great start! Can't wait to read about your family's reaction to your first park day! :)

Thanks. We had such a good time in the park. Will post our first park day this morning.

hhawkins 06-15-2010 08:03 AM

Day 2 -- Magic Kingdom
June 7, 2010 – Day 2 Magic Kingdom

The beds at POFQ are great. We got a great night sleep and excited about our first day in the parks. We would be headed to Magic Kingdom for the day.

Let me start with this. Today I would learn a few very important lessons that would be important for the rest of the week. I am happy to have learned the so early on. I will point them out as you read on.

MK opened at 9 a.m.. I got up at 6 to shower and take a private stroll around the resort in the morning. I was back at the room and waking people up by 6:45. I wanted to be on the bus by 8 a.m.

Some of you will laugh at this, but remember I am a newbie at Disney. I had hoped to be at the parks early enough that my family would be picked as the special family to open the park. We were in the bus by 8, but by the time we got to the park we were not even close to the front. I doubt Mickey could even see us in the sea of people. So pick yourself up off the floor.

Lesson 1—30 minutes early is not early at Disney.

We did still get to see the opening ceremony and the 1st family, but it was not us. That was okay. Because I was stating to realize already that I may have forced the kids to get up too early. By day to this would be another lesson learned.

We got into the parks before 9 a.m. and it was magical. It was almost out of body. Main Street USA was all I have imagined and even more. It was something straight out of a dream.

We kept walking to the middle of the road from the entrance, then all the sudden, boom! There it is. Many people talked about the first time they say the castle. It really was a magical experience. I could feel the smile building across my face. I could not believe I was finally seeing it for the very first time. I started snapping pictures, also looking for those PhotoPass guys to capture the memory for us as well. At this point I have not even had time to log on and see the pictures yet. I hope they are amazing.

We just kept heading to the castle. My plan for the first morning was to “do” Fantasyland as much as possible. Much to my surprise, we were able to do a lot of things very quickly. We went first to Peter Pan to get a FP, but there was NO wait so we just got on. Then we got in a 20 minute line for Dumbo thinking that the lines were starting to build, but that was not the case. After Dumbo, less than 5 minutes for Winnie the Pooh, Tea Cups, Snow White, and the Carousal. We loved all the rides so far. Kids were not scared on anything and we kept moving. Next we went straight into Mickey Philharmonic. We thought the show was amazing.

By this time we had also had some character sightings. The evil step mother and sisters, Mad Hatter, Rabbit, and Marry Poppins. The only one the boys wanted to stop for was the rabbit. I had my concerns, as in the past Jaron (4 yrs) had been afraid of characters in costume we had seen in other places. But he was a little older now and seemed to be fine. He was just not all that interested in standing in line for them.

We have done all these things so far and it is not even noon yet. We decided to stop for lunch. We went to the Pinocchio House in Fantasy land. Had all different things at our table between all of us including: Chicken nuggets, Asian Salad, Meatball Sub, PB&J. We all ordered the same strawberry cheesecake for dessert. All the food was good, but my least favorite was the sub. Still digging those fries. What was really nice was that we were able to set inside out of the heat and even watch the start of “It’s A Small World” from our table.

Rejuvenated from a little food, it was back out into the heat and next door for the classic that we watched while we ate. Again, almost no wait for Small World. This was a classic that I could not wait to ride. I loved it!

Having finished all of Fantasy Land by 1 p.m. were found ourselves heading into Liberty Square and in line for Haunted Mansion. How fun was that.

Next we looked in a couple shops and the caught the next viewing of Hall of Presidents. I thought is was excellent, however, I am not personally a big Obama fan and I thought his part was over rated. Still very cool animatronics. Obama did look real.

We decided to skip the riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island, but we could not pass up Country Brea Jamboree as we went into Fronteerland. It was so hokey, but we laughed through the entire show. I especially loved the fat bear that swung from the ceiling. Jaron even commented when we left that it was a silly show.

By this point my mom and sister have left us and are off doing their own thing. They wanted to slow down and shop, so we just did our own thing. Looking around Fronteerland we got our first FP of the trip. The line at Splash Mountain was 50 minutes so we go a FP, then headed up to meet my mom for the Celebration Parade. It was an awesome parade, but by this pint in the day my kids were turning into bears.

I could not even imagine leaving the park, but it was looking like a possibility. But Jaron said he wanted to ride Splash Mountain, so we went that way. My mom and sister took Clay and went to get FP to Pirates of Caribbean.

We were a little concerned that our 4 year old would not be mature enough for SM, but he really wanted to go. So we took him. As we winded through the water paths with Brair Rabbit, we were anticipating how he would react to the “splash down.” We had no need to worry. He loved it, and so did I. We had to buy the $20 picture to remember his first big ride. Wish they would add them to the Photo Pass.

Mind you, it is sill not 4 p.m.. We head over to explor Adventurland and meet back up with my family. When we get there we do not see them waiting at Pirates, but we also see that the wait is only 10 minutes.

While we waited for them the Jack Sparrow stage show was starting so we watch for a while. Jaron did not get selected for the sward training, but he got to go up at the end and gat a Pirate Certificate. He though that was neat.

By that time mom and Sarah were back with Clay. When they say there was not a line, the went to the Magic Carpet ride with Clay.

We all got in the very short line for Pirates of the Carribean and had a great time. What a fun ride. After this we all went back to the Magic Carpet and rode. I was starting to wonder how many rides like this Disney could have.

By now the boys are really tired. We had 6:30 reservations at Chef Mickey, but we decided to go early. It was about 5 p.m.. This would be our first trip on the Disney Monorail. It was fun. They were able to get us in early for dinner, and we were so happy.

We really liked the food. The beef and ham were tender, the shrip were huge, the chicken and salmon were also really good. I am on a low carb diet, there were lots of choices for me here. The desserts looked really good, but I did not think the taste lived up to the look. The ice cream was again my favorite.

Each of the characters came around one at a time. We were there long enough that we even so a couple of them twice. The boys loved when they would come by. Clay would just cry when they would leave. We had told them that we were haing dinner with them and so Clay kept trying to get them to sit down and eat. It was so cute. This is a must do if we get to go back. Though I wish the characters could have spent more time at the table each time, we never felt rushed through dinner.

We decided not to go back into the park. All were just beat, especially the boys. This is Lesson #2 – let the boys take a break in the day.

I had read on the board about going back to the resort for a nap, but I just could not imagine doing it. Now I know. The more you push, the worse it gets.

We went back to the resort and by 8:00 both boys were out cold. But there is a BONUS. Today was EMH at MK.

Mom agreed to keep an eye or ear open for the boys and Candi and I headed back to the park. We got back about 9:30. Just in time to see the fireworks. We made it as far up Main Street USA as we could. Basically to the exit to Tomorrowland and stopped. Soon the fireworks started and they were amazing. It was the first night of the new display.

Tell the story of the three fairies from Snow White trying to decide what color to make the castle. Then the Pirates from Peter Pan attack and capture the castle, even set it on fire. Finally Tinkerbell saves the day. Really cool, and I got to see it with the love of my life. Though it was very crowded, it was also very romantic.

I was surprised at the number of people there for EMH. Ride lines were long. We went to Space Mountain but the line was 60 minutes, so we got a FP. Could not believe they were still available.

While we waited on the FP time we rode Stitch’s Great Escape. I was not a fan, I am to much of a coward for that type of thing. Know it was silly, but still not my thing. Then we rode Buzz Lightyear and tried to get on Carousal of Progress, but it closed. So we settled for Tomorrowland Transit Authority and Astro-Orbiter.

When we were on the TTA we learned that something was wrong with SM because when we were in there on the TTA all the lights were on. When we made it over there to use our FP they told us it was still down and it might be a while.

We did not wait we decided to head back to Adventureland. On the way in we passed the famed Dole Whip booth so we stopped to see what all the hype was about. I have to say, I was less than impressed. We did not care for it.

We had a great tour guide on the Jungle Cruse. It was dark and hard to see, but he was great. Very funny. Wish I could remember his name.

We did Pirates on more time that night them headed to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I am not a huge coaster fan, but this one is perfect. Not to be, but has great thrills. Would like to have rode it again, but getting tired fast. It is after midnight by now.

One think about TMR I did notice. It has the longest and most complex cue lines I have ever seen. I can’t imagine waiting when they are using the all. I do not think you would ever make it to the end.

We were beat and ready to head back to POFQ. We cut through Liberty Square and by the castle. It changes color at night and was so beautiful.

I do not know if they ever got SM fixed or not. We did not have the energy to go see. Have couple FP for the scrapbook I guess.

We did look though the shops on Main Street on the way out that night. We did not buy anything yet, but enjoyed looking.

I honestly do not remember the ride back the POFQ or even getting into bed. We were so tired, but had such a great time. I almost wish we would have gone before we had kids. I can see that it would be such fun by ourselves, not that we are not having fun with the kids.

Until tomorrow – Day 3

Pinocchio House Lunch: Average
Magic Kingdom: Excellent
Celebration Parade: Excellent
Chef Mickey: Excellent
Fireworks: Excellent
Dole Whip: Poor

DonaldGirl1 06-15-2010 08:41 AM

Great start! Sounds like you got alot done on your first Disney day! Chef mickeys is amazing. It's always a must do for us. Sorry you didn't enjoy the dole whip and sorry you didn't get to ride space mountain. It's fun to ride the TTA when SM is down because you can see everything better than in the dark. :)

Stephie1551 06-15-2010 10:19 AM

sounds great so nice to get some alone time with ur wife :)

hhawkins 06-15-2010 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by Stephie1551 (Post 3315300)
sounds great so nice to get some alone time with ur wife :)

We had a great time. Got time alone several times. And had a great time.

lissybri 06-15-2010 12:06 PM

I just found your TR and you are doing a great job with it. I'm so glad that you got to spend time alone with your wife. Sounds like you are having a magical trip so far and thank you for letting me experience it with you. I have to say, I also did not enjoy the Dole Whip. I am going to try it again next trip, but without the pineapple juice since I am don't like the juice and maybe that's why I didn't enjoy the float. Did you have the float or just the Dole Whip soft serve?

KMB733 06-15-2010 12:06 PM

Sounds like you had a wonderful first day!

hhawkins 06-15-2010 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by lissybri (Post 3315458)
I just found your TR and you are doing a great job with it. I'm so glad that you got to spend time alone with your wife. Sounds like you are having a magical trip so far and thank you for letting me experience it with you. I have to say, I also did not enjoy the Dole Whip. I am going to try it again next trip, but without the pineapple juice since I am don't like the juice and maybe that's why I didn't enjoy the float. Did you have the float or just the Dole Whip soft serve?

Actuually both, I got the soft serve and commented that I thought I was getting the float, so he just gaver me the float type as well. Did not care for either one. But I tried it.

CinderAbby 06-15-2010 01:11 PM


It has the longest and most complex cue lines I have ever seen. I can’t imagine waiting when they are using the all. I do not think you would ever make it to the end.

I've been there done that - and it took a LONG time to get to the ramp downstairs. And back when we went through all those twists and turns there was only the one park (but only for about a year, then Epcot opened. DHS and AK wouldn't open for several more years) and there were no such things as fastpasses. Those were fun :rolleyes: times when everyone was crammed into only 2 parks.

And thanks for taking us along on your TR. I'm enjoying it. I'm glad you were able to get so much done and able to spend some time with your wife back at the park. That's something I wish Lenny and I could do (spend some time just the two of us) but that's never going to happen. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more.

hhawkins 06-15-2010 01:49 PM

Day 2 - Epcot
June 8, 2010 – Day 2 Epcot

Well it is Monday, and after EMH at MK last night it was 2 a.m. before we made it to bed and sleep. I am again up early with the intentions of getting to the park by open. However, after yesterday I did not want to push as much. We would be in Epcot today and I just knew it would be my favorite park. My wife is the only one in our party who had ever been to Disney and she loved Epcot, so I too was very excited. I knew the park would be open by the time we arrived, but that was okay. After Pop Tarts and Breakfast Bars we were on the bus by 8:30 and at Epcot just after 9 a.m.

I collected all our passes and headed off to get a FP for Soarin. I got lost finding the building, when I did it took a while to get through the FP line. Our FP time was 12:45, so I left the building to find the rest of my family.

I finally found them at Inoventions West. It was raining so we went inside and the Velcro show was about to start. Let me just say, that is one ridiculous program. But the hosts did not take themselves very serious and we did get a good laugh. And after the show you get to create a FREE Velcro souvenir.

After that we header over to the Seas and into the Nemo and Friends ride. The technology with the real fish and animation was very neat. Then we watched Turtle Talk with Crush. It was amazing to see how Crush was able to communicate with the audience.

By now it is late morning and we are ready to have lunch. From picking up the Soarin FP, I knew there was a place to eat at The Land, so that is where we went. We had lunch. It was very good. Three of us had the roasted chicken and my sister had a sandwich. All were very good.

We are not moving through Epcot with the same speed as Magic Kingdom, but things are about to slow down. This is were we are starting to realize another lesson. Our kids would a break in the day. During lunch they were terrible, but they were just tired. We knew we were going to have to find a way for them to take a break. But now it is time to ride Soarin. We did not realize there was a height restriction. That actually worked to our advantage. They gave us a Child Swap pass. We had 5 FP, now this child swap gave three people access to FP again. We got to ride more than once in a row. Soarin was one of my favorite rides. Jaron did not like going over the water. He said he was scared he would fall in.

While in the Land we also ride the Living with the Land boats. I actually though this was one of the most interesting exhibits at Epcot. Seeing the new ways of farming was very neat.

After this we split up. Candi and I wasted an hour at Figment. I hated it. She thought it was okay. After this we were in argument about taking kids back for rest. She decided to take them back and on way out we did Spaceship Earth together. Thought it was very cool.

I joined mom and sister at WS. I caught friendship boat and got off at Germany to meet them. I missed Mexico, Norway and China, but did not have time to go back. We slowly walked through the rest of countries looking in shops. I even started a mask at Germany and had it signed and stamped as we moved on. Neat FREE item.

We did to the show at the American section and then head to head on to our ADR at Morraco. I have to say that we did not care for the food. It was a very interesting experience. Service was great and setting was unique, but the food was just to different for us to enjoy. We were on the DDP and they had an option that included bread and soup, then the entrée included potatoes, tomato salad and three kabobs (one beef, one lamb sausage, one chicken). Dessert was baklava. We tried everything and the only thing I hated was the lamb sausage. Everything else was okay, but just different. The dessert was pretty good I guess. Would probably choose a different country next trip.

As we were crossing the bridge at France my wife called. She was headed back and I had her ticket card. I had to hustle all the way to the park entrance. That was a long walk. Then it was back to England where Candi and the boys wanted fish and chips from the CS in England. They were much better than my dinner so I had food envy.

We looked around for a little while then made our way to a spot between the friendship boat docks to watch the fireworks. They were awesome. Wish the park would have stayed open later, we were not ready to leave yet. Oh well, we headed back to POFQ for the night.

Colexis Mom 06-15-2010 02:10 PM

More great updates! :D

lazanya 06-15-2010 02:39 PM

Great day at MK & Epcot!

Kaileigh 06-15-2010 03:28 PM

Loving your trip report. I keep reading the trip reports waiting with excitement for our trip in July. My daughter is counting down the days and is having us read her postcard from Mickey to her daily. Thanks so much.:)

DSNYD 06-15-2010 04:11 PM

I just LOVE reading your TR! I feel like I'm walking through the parks too!!! :D

NicNoc12 06-15-2010 04:24 PM

Great TR so far. I am sad you didn't care for Marrakesh though. It's one of our favorite restaurants in Epcot. We aren't adventurous eaters ourselves, but we think the food here is delicious. But it's great that you at least tried it. :D
But I am really enjoying your TR.

MickeyMAC 06-15-2010 06:51 PM

Great updates

islandgirl 06-15-2010 06:53 PM

Great TR!!!!! :D

dutchdisneyfamily 06-15-2010 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by elisa1006 (Post 3314316)
Great start!

My first thought, was why did you bus to DHS to go to DTD when POFQ has their own boat to DTD. But then I realized I think you meant you took the boat to the boardwalk!

Glad you enjoyed your meal. Looking forward to your first day in the parks!~

LOL, I had that thought too. I'm so glad everything went well. I knew you were going right before us and I wondered how it all went. Great start and I can't wait to read more.

Pottsyyy 06-15-2010 07:48 PM

your trip report is great! sounds like you guys had a good time. can't wait to read more, keep it up!

chezp 06-16-2010 12:55 AM

Some great days - my goodness, you packed a lot into your days. :yes:

hhawkins 06-16-2010 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by Kaileigh (Post 3315772)
Loving your trip report. I keep reading the trip reports waiting with excitement for our trip in July. My daughter is counting down the days and is having us read her postcard from Mickey to her daily. Thanks so much.:)

Happy I could be part of the magic for you family. Our son loved the card the got from a FGM prior to our trip as well.

hhawkins 06-16-2010 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by chezp (Post 3316466)
Some great days - my goodness, you packed a lot into your days. :yes:

I know. I could not believe we were able to get to do so much in the time we had. In the right places at the right times I guess.

Stephie1551 06-16-2010 10:10 AM

we never seem to get everything done we want to at really is a 2 day park

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