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Welcome Guide to the PassPorter Community

Welcome to the PassPorter Community!

This tutorial explains how to get started in our community: join (register), search, ask a question (start a new topic), understand our guidelines, and more. This is a multi-page tutorial -- use the Contents box above or the page numbers at the bottom to navigate.

Since 2000, the PassPorter Message Board Community has been providing free vacation planning support to travelers of all experience levels. Our friendly community members come from all over -- nearly 65,000 to date -- and now it's your turn!

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of this Tutorial

Here's how to use our community:

Register and Join For Free:
Before you can search our message board, post your first question, or introduce yourself to our community members, you need to choose a member name to use while in our message boards. Click here to join now -- it's free and easy!
Note: Joining our message boards is a separate process from registering a book or creating an account in our store -- so even if you've done those things, you'll need to do this, too.

Search For Your Question
Once you are registered and logged in, you can search our message boards. If you have a specific question on your mind, search our forums to see if someone has already asked the same question. Near the top of every PassPorter Community page is a Search link (look toward the right end of the orange bar).

Click this Search link, type in a search word or phrase at least four letters long, and click Go. Any results will be displayed in a list for you to browse -- click any of the thread links to read the post.

[break=How To Post]

Choose a Forum:
Can't find your answer using the Search feature? Pop up to the top of our message board and choose the appropriate category, then choose a forum within that category that best applies to your question. Click on the name of the forum to view it.

Start a New Topic:
Once you've chosen your category and forum, press the New Topic button near the top of the forum's topic list.

Post Your Question:
You're now ready to post your question! You'll be asked to enter a title -- be short but descriptive for the best responses. "Please help me" or "Hello" doesn't tell us enough. Include as much relevant information in the body of your post as possible. When finished, click the Submit New Thread button.
Note: Your new topic will appear in the forum list within seconds of submission. It will not appear in the New Posts listing FOR YOU as it is not a new post for you -- others will see it in this list, however.

[break=Important Notes and Pointers]

Please Note:
We make every effort to keep PassPorter a friendly, supportive environment to plan vacations. As such, we have a few important rules you must follow:
  • Please post your question only once. You can ask a Guide (Moderator) to move your post later if necessary.
  • Do not post advertisements of any kind.
  • Be polite and patient to everyone here. You may not use foul language nor post offensive messages.

[break=Tips For Using Our Community]

Tips For Using Our Community:
Here are a few tips you may find useful while you're here:
  • No answer yet? If you don't get a response to your question quickly, give it some time! If more than a day goes by without a response, please do not start a new thread. Simply find your old one and reply to it with "Can anyone help?" This will bring your question back to the top of the list.
  • Tutorials: To learn more about making the most of these message boards, please see our tutorial collection.

Check out more tutorials in the PassPorter Tutorial Collection.
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